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Lake In The Dunes - An Utterly Private Paradise for Casting and Blasting

Just 90 minutes from Bend, Lake in the Dunes is located in the beautiful area of Summer Lake, Central Oregon. For 25 years, the remoteness, trophy trout, and shooting options have made Lake in the Dunes one of Oregon’s premier choices for private lake fly fishing and hunting adventures. In addition to the world-class stillwaters, the property offers a wonderful variety of hunting and shooting opportunities. There is a well-appointed cabin on the grounds accommodating groups from 4-10 guests.

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The Inside Scoop

Lake in the Dunes has five lakes fed by artesian wells spread over its 480 acres. The water stays cool and food-rich, providing some of Oregon’s best year-round guided and non-guided private lake fly fishing. Throughout the year there are many prolific hatches to go along with chironomids and leeches. The fish in our lakes are nothing if not well fed! Another wonderful aspect of fishing Lake in the Dunes is that neither a floatation device nor sinking line is necessary. Most areas are effectively fished from the shore and the lakes are shallow enough to properly cover with floating lines. So the fishing is as “low impact” as it is fun!

The artesian wells have created acres of pristine habitat for native species. Waterfowl, sage rats, hare, and coyote proliferate throughout the 480 acres. We guide waterfowl and pheasant hunts both on our property as well as adjoining ranches. Our Pheasant Preserve allows for as much action as you desire. The seasonal sage rat and coyote hunting offers unparalleled excitement. Additionally, Lake In The Dunes has a thirteen-station Sporting Clay Course. So if you enjoy shooting, there’s never a dull moment here!

FAQ’s About Lake In The Dunes

The ranch is open year ‘round based on weather. April and May typically offer really good fishing in the lakes. The lakes will occasionally close in the middle of the summer if the water temps climb too high. In the fall, as the nights get longer and cooler, the fishing gets really good again. For hunting and shooting, we can provide birds and shoot on the property or go out into the sage and chase quail and chucker off-property between August 1st and March 31st.
Leave the 3 and 4wt rods at home! The trout in the ponds are big, hard fighting and will test the flex of fast-action 5 and 6wts. In the spring, we fish more streamers and leeches on 3x tippet. Into the early summer, it turns into a callibaetis game requiring smaller flies and lighter tippet. This can be the ultimate challenge in playing and landing fish. Pretty much all season you’ll want a good selection of callibaetis and chironomid imitations. For leeches, we like Zonkers in black and olive. The Ruby leech works great out there too. No need for a sinking line down there. The lakes are not deep and the fish seem to like a slower retrieve. For guns, bring your favorite shotguns for all winged hunts and clays. Rifles work great for sage rats and coyote.
Not at all. Most of the water is effectively fished from the bank. We typically wear waders and get in just a little for casting ease and a better spot to land fish from. There are a couple spots where a little boat is cool to have so if you like to fish from a tube or pontoon, then, by all means, bring it.
The cabin is classic rustic and effective. It sleeps up to five comfortably. The kitchen is well-appointed. It is a warm, cozy shelter out in an exposed and unforgiving landscape.

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For all of our overnight guests, Lake in the Dunes offers a cozy cabin for you to enjoy. The kitchen has everything you need for creating your favorite meals and the porch offers the perfect sunset viewing spot. The absolute peace and quiet might make for the best night’s sleep you’ve enjoyed in ages! To ensure the highest quality experience, all fly fishing and bird hunting trips at Lake in the Dunes are booked exclusively for your party; the place will be all yours. So bring family young and old, fishing buddies, hunting pals, anyone who might appreciate the beauty, and help you create memories for a lifetime. Lake in the Dunes is truly unforgettable.

For information about what you can expect and booking information, check out our Group Fishing Trips. Lake in the Dunes is an amazing getaway for groups large and small and it makes for a great weekend fishing or hunting trip. Call us at 1-866-800-2812 for more information about Lake in the Dunes or email us at

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