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Hosmer Lake

Hosmer Lake Fly Fishing

Hosmer Lake Fishing Reports

As the chain of Cascade Lakes descend, none would be prettier than Hosmer Lake. A relatively small body of water for fly fishing, this lake is huge in reputation, beauty and lore. For almost five decades she’s been best known as a still water with an abundant population of Atlantic salmon, which were introduced in 1957. The stocking program continued until two years ago. Now Hosmer Lake is being populated with cutthroat trout and they seem to be thriving. There are still large brook trout as well as rainbows to pursue.

Hosmer Lake, Central Oregon is a “Fly Fishing Only” fishery. There is no bait allowed. And while trolling motors are allowed, none can be used while actually fishing. Road and ramp access can be questionable early and late in the season. Check with us here at Fly and Field Outfitters for the latest road conditions.

Hosmer Lake covers nearly 200 acres, has an average depth of only three feet and lies at nearly 5000 feet above sea level. It is naturally fed by snowmelt off the southern flanks of Mt Bachelor, whose summit rises dramatically above Hosmer’s shores. Hosmer Lake has, for good reason, become a destination for recreational use during the warm summer months. Therefor on any given day from June to September there can be a substantial stand-up paddle and kayak “hatch”. While this may perturb some anglers, the knowledgeable ones will simply concentrate on the Tule grass-rich shorelines where the fish cruise for damsels, callibaetis and caddis. To avoid the now infamous stand-up hatch, fish early and late; that’s when the fish are most active anyway.

Hosmer Lake is one that will equally captivate and frustrate. Its beauty and abundant birds and wildlife are encompassing. The massive, ancient volcanoes stand sentinel over her gin-clear waters. And in those waters…. The trout just cruise around, all day every day. You can see them. You can almost reach out and grab them! There are times when the fish rise enthusiastically all around and won’t eat a fly in your box. There are times when you can watch them stare at your fly for ten long seconds before finning casually away. These are trout that are tuned into their environment and must be respected as such.

Here at Fly and Field Outfitters in Bend, Oregon we always have the most up to date intel on Hosmer Lake. Effective techniques can and will vary day to day. If you’d like to pick our brains about what’s working up there or book a float trip, we are here to help you unlock some of Hosmer Lake’s closely held secrets.

If you want to learn more about fly fishing at Hosmer Lake check out the latest Hosmer Lake fishing reports or schedule a guided fly fishing trip with us by clicking below, calling us at 1-866-800-2812, or emailing

Hosmer Lake Fly Fishing Report

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Fly Chart

Hosmer Lake


Long Horned Caddis

LaFontine Cased Caddis Larva8-16                Afternoon/
Herl Nypmp8-16                Afternoon/
Beadhead Rock Roller Larva8-16                Afternoon/
Sparkle Pupa10-16                Afternoon/
Soft Hackle Pupa10-16                Afternoon/
Sedge Pupa10-16                Afternoon/
Elk Hair Caddis10-16                Afternoon/
Goddard Caddis10-16                Afternoon/
Diving Caddis10-16                Afternoon/


Pheasant Tail Nymph12-16                Afternoon
Poxyback Callibaetis Nymph12-16                Afternoon
Trigger Nymph Callibaetis12-16                Afternoon
Pablo's Cripple Callibaetis12-16                Afternoon
Hackle Stacker Callibaetis12-16                Afternoon
Thorax Callibaetis12-16                Afternoon


Criscross Chronimid Larva10-14                Afternoon
Ice Cream Cone Larva10-16                Afternoon
Chan's Chronimid Larva10-16                Afternoon
Chan's Frostbite Chronimid Pupa10-16                Afternoon
Redbutt Buzzer Pupa10-16                Afternoon
Thurman's Blood Geyser Pupa10-16                Afternoon


Marabou Damsel Nymph8-12                Morning/
Idyl's Dainty Damsel Nymph8-12                Morning/
Scott's Damsel Dirtty Nymph8-12                Morning/
Paul's Horny Damsel8-12                Morning/
Adult Damsel Olive8-12                Morning/
Adult Damsel Blue8-12                Morning/


Otter's Dragon Nymph8                Morning/
Idyl's Fat Ass Dragon Nymph8                Morning/
Sparkle Furry Dragon Nymph6                Morning/

Traveling Sedge

Sparkle Pupa6-12                Afternoon/
Z-wing Caddis Pupa6-10                Afternoon/
Zug Bug Pupa6-12                Afternoon/
Elk Hair Caddis6-12                Afternoon/
Goddard Caddis6-12                Afternoon/
Stimulator6-12                Afternoon/

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