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Crooked River

Crooked River Fly Fishing

Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports

The Crooked River is a wonderful tail water fishery 45 minutes east of Bend, Oregon. It is truly a Central Oregon Fly fishing treasure. As a tributary to the Deschutes River it has native Redband rainbow trout, and lots of ‘em! Electro-shocking surveys of the top four miles of river over the last two years have put the fish count at around 8,000 trout per mile. Let that sink in for a second… Yep, that is a lot of trout. And there are approximately 10 miles of easily accessed river to choose from. While the reputation has been rightfully earned that the fish aren’t especially large, those of us who have been guiding and fishing the river for the last three years have certainly seen the average size increase.

The Crooked River is definitely one of those rivers that can cause consternation with people who don’t approach it with the proper flies, rigs and techniques. Here at Fly and Field Outfitters we have guides out there all year long. The fly patterns and methods with which we use them will vary sometimes in small ways, sometimes not so small. But we know that if you are not using the right thing in the right way none of those approximately 80,000 trout are going to play with you. Hence the occasional consternation.

So let us get you going. Either by booking a Half-Day or Full-Day walk-in Crooked River Guided Trip, or by selling you a few flies and giving you a detailed explanation of the rigs and presentations needed, we’ll do what we can to give you more opportunities to fool some fish. We know how lucky we are to have this river so close by and will eagerly share some of the secrets on how to best approach it.

The Crooked River is easily the best “class room” river we’ve ever known. It is perfect for complete beginners. The wading is demanding but not dangerous. The fish are everywhere. We can use a variety of easily learned techniques on any given day. And if you do what we suggest you do, there’s a better than average chance you will hook a fish, even if you’ve never touched a fly rod.

If you are interested in fly fishing on the Crooked River, book a trip with one of our expert Oregon fishing guides. On your Crooked River guided fishing trip, you will learn the optimal locations, best flies, and many tips and tricks to bring your fishing up to the next level.  For more information about the Crooked River check out our Crooked River fishing reports, call us at 1-866-800-2812 or email

Crooked River Guided Fishing Trip

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Fly Chart

Crooked River


Blue-Winged Olive

Pheasant Tail Nymph16-20Afternoon
Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph16-18                Afternoon
Trina's Bubbleback Emerger16-18                Afternoon
Para BWO16-18                Afternoon
Hi Vis Para BWO16-18                Afternoon
Parachute Adams18                Afternoon

Pale Morning Dun

Pheasant Tail Nymph16-18                Mid Morning
Hare's Ear Nymph16-18                Mid Morning
Parachute PMD14-16                Aternoon
Para Wulff PMD14-16                Aternoon
High Vis Para PMD14-16                Aternoon

Mahogany Dun

Pheasent Tail Nymph12-14                Afternoon
Compara Dun Mahogany14-16                Afternoon
Compara Dun Purple14-16                Afternoon

October Caddis

Super Pupa Amber8-10                Evening
Tungsten Oct Caddis8-10                Evening
X Stimulator Orange8-10                Evening
Norm's Wood8-10                Evening

Cased Caddis

Cased Caddis Pupa14-16                Afternoon /
Hairs Ear Soft Hackle14-16                Afternoon /
Elk Hair Caddis Brown14-18                Afternoon /
X Caddis Tan14-18                Afternoon /

Net-Builder Caddis

Krystal Flash Pupa Olive14-16                Afternoon
Spakle Pupa Green14-16                Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Olive14-18                Afternoon
X Caddis Olive14-18                Afternoon

Rock Worm Caddis

Caddis Larva Olive14-16                Afternoon
S's BH Pupa Olive14-16                Afternoon
BH Serendipity14-16                Afternoon
Olive Elk Hair Caddis14-16                Afternoon
Outrigger Caddis Olive14-16                Afternoon

Yellow Sally Stonefly

Little Yellow Sloan Nymph12-14                Afternoon
Kyle's BH CH Yellow Sally12-14                Afternoon
Slow Water Sally14-16                Afternoon

Winter Black Stonefly

AP Nymph Black16                Afternoon
Stimulator Black16                Afternoon

Skwala Stonefly

Olive Hairs Ear Nymph8-10                Afternoon
Olive Hairs Ear Nymph8-10                Afternoon


Biot Midge Pupa18-22                Afternoon
Winkers Midge18-22                Afternoon
Idyle's CDC Midge18-22                Afternoon
Hatching Midge18-22                Afternoon


BH Scud Olive14-18                Afternoon
BH Scud Orange14-18                Afternoon


Parachute Hopper10                Afternoon
Carange Hopper10                Afternoon

River Levels

Crooked River

Below Prineville Resv.7 day
30 day
120 Day
3.202221:30 am


Crooked River/Below Prineville Resv. 7 Day



Crooked River/Below Prineville Resv. 30 Day



Crooked River/Below Prineville Resv. 120 Day



Local Forecast

Today - November 22nd,2014
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November 26
November 27

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