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Metolious River

Metolious River Fly Fishing

Metolious River Fishing Reports

The Metolius River, here in Central Oregon, is easily one of the most beautiful rivers in the world; few would dispute that. Anyone who has roamed her banks, whether in search of a large trout or just some solitude, would attest to this being a special place filled with all the dimensions that a pristine riparian habitat should have. It’s just that the Metolious River has more of them. From the crystal clear, turquoise blue swirls of water to lush forested banks the Metolious offers fly fishers a diverse landscape with towering pine-covered mountains and many miles to explore. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get to stretches of this river that see very few footsteps. All of these elements conspire to create an epic river to fish.

The Metolious is a fly fishing only river. In Oregon that regulation has several facets that are meant to purify the practice to a few essential rudiments. One thing it takes away is the use of split shot. Fish the Metolious with a nymph rig for five minutes and you’ll begin to understand how squarely this regulation puts you behind the eight ball. The fish hold in channels, deep undercuts, deeper pools, way out in the middle behind lava outcrops. You will have to look at things a little differently to fool fish sub-surface in the Metolious. There are lead-wrapped flies that help along with sink-tip lines and leaders. Advanced mending techniques will allow the flies to get closer – or you can just sit on the bank and wait for the fish to start rising!

The Metolious is perhaps best known for the run of bull trout that migrate from Lake Billy Chinook every winter. The bull trouts follow the Kokanee salmon and eat both the fish and their eggs. The bull trout are voracious meat eaters. Leave the 5wt home for this fishing. You’ll want a 7 or 8wt that can throw massive streamers sometimes on a sinking line. The bull trout grow to tremendous size, up to double digits in pounds.  This is thrilling fishing best done with a buddy who can spot while you cast and vice versa.

There is no professional guiding allowed on the Metolious. But stop into our Bend Oregon Fly Shop as we have our thumb on the pulse of the river and will help you select flies and discuss respective techniques for approaching this spectacular and difficult fishery. We also offer Oregon Fly Fishing trips to surrounding areas. The Metolius River in Central Oregon, is truly a special place that never disappoints for a good day on the water. For more information on fly fishing the Metolious River, check out the latest Metolious fishing reports, call us at 1-866-800-2812, or email

Metolious River Guided Fly Fishing

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Fly Chart

Metolius River


Blue-Winged Olive

Pheasant Tail Nymph16-20Afternoon
Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph16-18                Afternoon
Para BWO16-18                Afternoon
Hi Vis Para BWO16-18                Afternoon
Parachute Adams16-18                Afternoon

Green Drake

Poxyback Green Drake Nymph10                Afternoon
Green Drake Wulff10-12                Afternoon
Trina's Carnage Drake10-12                Afternoon


Hare's Ear Olive Nymph12-14                Afternoon
Olive Haze12-14                Afternoon

Pale Morning Dun

Pheasant Tail Nymph16-18                Morning
Hare's Ear Nymph16-18                Morning
Parachute PMD14-16                Morning
Para Wulff PMD14-16                Morning
High Vis Para PMD14-16                Morning

Pale Evening Dun

Hare's Ear Nymph16-18                Afternoon /
Pheasant Tail Nymph16-18                Afternoon /
Parachute PMD14-16                Afternoon /
Hi Vis Para PMD14-16                Afternoon /

Mahogany Dun

Pheasent Tail Nymph14                Mid Morning
Compara Dun Mahogany14                Mid Morning
Compara Dun Purple16                Mid Morning

Western Sedge

Drifting Cased Caddis Larva18-20                Afternoon
Peeking Caddis Pupa18-20                Afternoon
Sparkle Pupa Green18-20                Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Olive18-20                Afternoon

October Caddis

Super Pupa Amber8-10                Evening
Tungsten Oct Caddis8-10                Evening
X Stimulator Orange8-10                Evening
Norm's Wood8-10                Evening

Cased Caddis

Hairs Ear Soft Hackle14-16                Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Brown14-18                Afternoon
X Caddis Tan14-18                Afternoon

Net-Builder Caddis

Krystal Flash Pupa Olive14-16                Afternoon
Spakle Pupa Green14-16                Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Olive14-18                Afternoon
X Caddis Olive14-18                Afternoon

Rock Worm Caddis

Caddis Larva Olive14-16                Afternoon
S's BH Pupa Olive14-16                Afternoon
BH Serendipity14-16                Afternoon
Olive Elk Hair Caddis14-16                Afternoon
Outrigger Caddis Olive14-16                Afternoon

Golden Stonefly

Dobuble Bead Golden Stone Nymph6-10                Afternoon
Copper Back Golden Stone Nymph6-10                Afternoon
Henry's Fork Golden Stone6-10                Afternoon
Norm's Wood Special6-10                Afternoon

Yellow Sally Stonefly

Little Yellow Sloan Nymph12-14                Afternoon
Kyle's BH CH Yellow Sally12-14                Afternoon
Slow Water Sally14-16                Afternoon

Winter Black Stonefly

AP Nymph Black16                Afternoon
Stimulator Black16                Afternoon


Biot Midge Pupa18-22                Afternoon
Winkers Midge18-22                Afternoon
Idyle's CDC Midge18-22                Afternoon
Hatching Midge18-22                Afternoon

River Levels

Metolius River


Metolius River/Grandview7 day30 day120 Day1.7318608:00 pm

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