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Wickiup Reservoir

Deschutes River Guided Trip



Wickiup Reservoir is located about forty-five minutes from Fly and Field Outfitters here in Bend, Oregon and offers some rare opportunities for fly fishing. This is a large holding water, the last large dam on the Deschutes River for approximately 75 river miles to Lake Billy Chinook. The water is stored in Wickiup Reservoir for irrigation use so the levels vary dramatically throughout the season, which runs from the last Saturday in April until October 31st. There are some particular regulations on certain arms of the lake so be sure to check your ODFW book before heading out, or just call the shop.

For a lake with such large level changes, Wickiup Reservoir here in Central Oregon actually hosts an amazing trout and Kokanee population. Both rainbow and brown trout roam its main body and the long channel arms. Kokanee swarm throughout the lake before making spectacular spawning migrations into the river branches, especially the Deschutes. But the trout are really the “show” fly fishing at Wickiup Reservoir. All it takes is one of these extra large fish to tip its head to your Callibaetis Cripple or savagely strike your streamer and you will understand why this lake has become an addictive force in so many lives! The huge, beautifully marked and ridiculously healthy brown trout get most active when the Kokanee and whitefish begin their spawn late in the summer. We fish from boats or pontoons with 6 and 7wt rods, throwing type 6 sinking lines with huge streamers. The fishing is physical, exciting and fun! The average fish will push twenty inches. The big ones will go eight pounds and up.

Through the summer months we can Fly Fish Wickiup Reservoir with “Chirono-Bobber” rigs, slowly retrieve Baetis nymphs, fish dry when they’re looking up, or strip buggers. It’s all about finding the fish. That’s where we come in! We are happy to offer the latest intel on what’s working and where to try it. Or better yet, let one of our lake specialist guides take you out on a purpose built boat for a guided trip and really get after it! Fly and Field Outfitters has Oregon fishing guides that are the most dedicated in the business, focusing exclusively on our local still waters. As you probably know, figuring out big lakes can take a lifetime; between our guides there are several lifetimes of experience. It’s why we’re here and it’s what we love to do.
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