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Lower Deschutes River

Lower Deschutes River Fly Fishing

Deschutes River Guided Trip



The Deschutes River is an amazing Oregon fly fishing destination. The Lower Deschutes River flows south to north from Pelton Dam near the town of Madras to the Columbia River, winding through some of the most gorgeous and pristine canyon lands in the U.S. It is famous for the native, genetically pure rainbow trout, known as “Redbands”. These are some of the most beautiful, hard-fighting trout anywhere. The river has fairly consistent flows, ranging from 4000-5500 cfs throughout the year.

It is known as one of very few “Blue Ribbon” fisheries for both native trout and wild steelhead. The river runs over eighty miles from the last dam to the mouth at the Columbia River. The Deschutes River in Central Oregon has been a “must-fish” destination for generations of anglers from around the world. The canyon is epic in every way. Towering walls, basalt pillars reaching tabletop ridge lines, archetypal high dessert terrain, diverse birds and wildlife, and all the while an ancient, powerful river tugs at every synapse you possess. It is a place that awes and inspires on every level.

The season typically begins around the end of April. The big bugs begin hatching soon thereafter and abundant insect life defines the river throughout the summer and into fall. Late spring is renowned for the Salmon Fly hatch with stonefly as long as your pinky! The dry fly fishing from mid-May to early June is some of the most explosive you’ll ever experience. The rest of the summer is spent pursuing the Redbands in any fashion you desire. You can spend the days wet wading riffles, fishing nymphs under an indicator, working every seam. Or prowl the banks looking for heads tipping to caddis and PMDs behind overhanging branches. Or swing large articulated “Skulpzillas” through drop-offs for truly exhilarating grabs! Read some of our Deschutes River fishing reports to learn more about our experiences over the seasons.

Late summer brings steelhead season. Beginning in the lower reaches and progressing up river and into the short, cold days of late autumn, steelhead fly fishing can be done on swung flies with spey rods or with large subsurface offerings under an indicator using single-hand rods. Whenever and whichever species you prefer to fish while on the Deschutes River, the surroundings will capture your heart and soul every time you look up from the water’s surface. It is so easy to imagine the history of the canyon; the massive migratory tribes that set up camps every year to greet tremendous runs of salmon and steelhead; the fierce battles waged over prime fishing areas; great herds of elk and deer. The spirit still breathes through the canyon in every afternoon zephyr.

Fly and Field Outfitters here in Bend, Oregon offers Deschutes Fly Fishing guided trips down every mile of the Lower Deschutes. From single-day drifts to multi-day camp trips, we will show you everything the great river has to offer.  Check out our Oregon fishing guided trips page to learn more about what options are available for Fly Fishing the Deschutes River and which trip best suits your needs. If you already know the trip you’d like to book, click below on the “Book This Trip!” image. We are honored to have such a mighty river to call our office! And proud to continue the great tradition that is fly fishing the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. We look forward to having you down there! Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at the shop for more information on Oregon Fly Fishing. Email us at or call 1-866-800-2812.

Deschutes River Fishing Report



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Fly Chart

Lower Deschutes- This is river levels.

Blue-Winged Olive

Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-20 Afternoon
Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-18 Afternoon
Tailwater Tiny Olive 18-20 Afternoon
Para BWO 16-18 Afternoon
Hi Vis Para BWO 16-18 Afternoon
Spun Dun Beatis 16-18 Afternoon

Slate-Winged Olive

Olive Hare's Ear Nymph 10-14 Afternoon
Olive Pheasant Tail Nymph 10-14 Afternoon
Copper John Green Nymph 10-14 Afternoon
Olive Sparkle Dun 10-14 Afternoon
Western Green Drake 10-14 Afternoon
Olive Haze 10-14 Afternoon

Green Drake

Poxyback Green Drake Nymph 10 Afternoon
Olive Hare's Ear Nymph 10-12 Afternoon
Hunchback Green Drake Nymph 10-12 Afternoon
Green Drake Wulff 10-12 Afternoon
Trina's Carnage Drake 10-12 Afternoon

Pale Morning Dun

Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-18 Aternoon
Trina's Bubbleback Nymph 16-18 Aternoon
Copper John Nymph 16-18 Aternoon
Parachute PMD 14-16 Aternoon
Para Wulff PMD 14-16 Aternoon
High Vis Para PMD 14-16 Aternoon

Pale Evening Dun

Copper John Nymph 12-14 Evening
Hare's Ear Nymph 12-14 Evening
Pheasant Tail Nymph 12-14 Evening
Parachute Adams 12-14 Evening
Parachute PMD 12-14 Evening
Lite Cahill 12-14 Evening

Mahogany Dun

Copper John Nymph 14 Afternoon
Hare's Ear Nymph 14 Afternoon
Pheasant Tail Nymph 14 Afternoon
Compara Dun 14 Afternoon
Compara Dun Purple 14 Afternoon
Parachute Pheasant Tail 14 Afternoon

March Brown

Pheasant Tail Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Hare's Ear Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Copper John Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Purple Haze 12-14 Afternoon
Cripple 12-14 Afternoon
Parachute Adams 12-14 Afternoon

October Caddis

Anderson Bird of Prey (Pupa) 8-10 Afternoon
Super Pupa Amber 8-10 Afternoon
Stimulator Orange 8-10 Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Orange 8-10 Afternoon

Cased Caddis

Sparkle Pupa 14-20 Evening
Peeking Caddis (Pupa) 14-20 Evening
Silvey's Beadhead Pupa 14-20 Evening
X-Caddis 14-20 Evening
Outrigger Caddis 14-20 Evening
Elk Hair Caddis 14-20 Evening

Net-builder Caddis

Hair's Ear (Larva) 12-16 Morning /
Dubbed Caddis (Larva) 12-16 Morning /
Serendipy (Larva) 12-16 Morning /
Deep Sparkle Pupa 12-16 Morning /
Silvey's Beadhead Pupa 12-16 Morning /
Edible Emerger (Pupa) 12-16 Morning /
Elk Hair Caddis 12-16 Morning /
Swisher's Dancing Caddis 12-16 Evening
PT Caddis 12-16 Evening

Rock Worm Caddis

Serendipity (Larva) 14-16 Morning /
Caddis Larva 14-16 Morning /
Brassie (Larva) 14-16 Morning /
Silvey's Beadhead Pupa 14-16 Morning /
Edible Emerger (Pupa) 14-16 Afternoon /
Sparkle Pupa 14-16 Afternoon /
Elk Hair Caddis 14-16 Afternoon /
X-Caddis 14-16 Afternoon /
Outrigger Caddis 14-16 Afternoon /


Lex's Improved RL Stone Black (Nymph) 4-6 Morning /
Tung Trout Retriever Black (Nymph) 4-6 Morning /
Kauffman's Stone Black (Nymph) 4-6 Morning /
Rouge Foam Orange 4-6 Afternoon /
Stimulator Orange 4-6 Afternoon /
Clark's Stonefly 6 Afternoon /

Golden Stonefly

Lex's Improved RL Stonefly (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Rubber Legs Golden (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Kauffman's Stonefly (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Golden (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Norm Wood's Special 6-8 Afternoon /
Chubby Chernobyl Golden 8-10 Afternoon /
Stimulator Golden 6-10 Afternoon /

Yellow Sally Stonefly

Kyle's Little Yellow Sally (Nymph) 12-14 Afternoon /
Pyscho Prince (Nymph) 12-14 Afternoon /
Little Yellow Solan (Nymph) 12-14 Afternoon /
Slow Water Sally 14 Afternoon /
Yellow Stimulaor 12-14 Afternoon /
Trina's Para Sally 12-14 Afternoon /

Winter Black Stonefly

Prince Nymph 14-16 Afternoon
Dark Lord (Nymph) 14-16 Afternoon
Trina's Copper Micro Stone Black (Nymph) 14-16 Afternoon
Black Parachute 14-16 Afternoon
Stimulator Black 14-16 Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Black 14-16 Afternoon

Skwalla Stonefly

Speckled Girdle Bug Brown (Nymph) 8-10 Afternoon
Kauffman's Stone Brown (Nymph) 8-10 Afternoon
Biot Stone Brown (Nymph) 8-10 Afternoon
Stimulator Brown 8-10 Afternoon
Bullethead Skwalla 8-10 Afternoon
Trin'a Carnage Stone Skwalla 8-10 Afternoon


Silvey's Cranefly Larva 14 Afternoon
Serendipity (Larva) 14 Afternoon
Cranefly Larva 12 Afternoon
Idyl's Parachute Cranefly 12-14 Afternoon
Silvey's Cranefit 16 Afternoon
Parachute PMD 12-14 Afternoon


Tung Zebra Midge (Pupa) 18-22 All Day
Serendipity (Pupa) 18-22 All Day
Rainbow Warrior (Pupa) 18-22 All Day
Griffith's Gnat 18-22 All Day
Renegade 18-22 All Day
Winker's Midge 18-22 All Day

River Levels

Lower Deschutes


Deschutes/Madras7 day30 day120 Day3.0545308:00 pm
Deschutes/Moody7 day30 day120 Day3.1960907:45 pm
Shitike Creek/Warm Springs7 day30 day120 Day4.551347:45 pm
Warm Springs/Kahneeta7 day30 day120 Day2.126017:45 pm

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