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The Crooked River is one of the more fish-filled rivers you’ll ever encounter, but they’re not easy to catch. That’s where a guide comes in. With the right flies, precise rigging, proper technique, and attention to the most productive water, there are certainly plenty of fish to fool. Here at Fly & Field Outfitters, we have fly fishing guides on the Crooked River more days than not. We are familiar with the hatch schedule, what flies are most effective, and which water to focus on. Let us make your day casual and fun. We will pick the flies, set up the rods, and help target the fishiest water!

As far as guided trip options, we host both half-day and full-day Walk and Wade guide trips on the Crooked River. We can take 1-4 anglers per guide. The half-day is four hours on the water, while a full-day trip is eight hours including a streamside BBQ lunch. And, as with all of our guided trips, any and all equipment is included. All you do need to do is show up ready for some fishin’.

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We Offer a Variety of Local, Scenic Trips

Cascade Lakes Trips
Half Day

Cascade Lakes Trips

No matter which lake you choose, your day will be taken care of. We will supply all the necessary equipment, a patient and knowledgeable guide, and the highest potential for finding fish.

Deschutes Day Trips
Full Day

Deschutes Day Trips

First thing's first, you do not need to be an expert angler to have a great day on the Lower Deschutes. Our local guides have hosted thousands of people who’ve never even held a fly rod.

Walk and Wade Trips

Walk and Wade Trips

Our local fly fishing guides have decades of experience and river knowledge to share. Half-day rates start at $325 for 1-2 anglers and Full-day rates begin at $475 for 1-2 anglers.

Group Fishing Trips
Any Size

Group Fishing Trips

The trips we enjoy running the most are the group fishing trips on our favorite Oregon waters near Bend. From 4 to 24 people, we can provide a day on the water that you won't soon forget.


The Ultimate In Fly-Fishing Fun

A day of guided fly fishing on the Crooked River is a great idea for anglers of all skill levels. If you are experienced, our guides will work with you to refine the exact techniques that have proven most successful. If you’ve never touched a fly rod, we will help get you into position to make simple presentations that are typically the most productive. Then we’ll land all your fish for you! We specialize in taking beginners to the Crooked River and getting them into fish. 

A typical guided fly fishing trip on the Crooked River begins at our shop on the west side of Bend around 9:00 in the morning. We will get you fitted in waders and boots, pick some flies, make sure everyone has their license, and then head out for the river. Our guides have rods that are well suited to this small river. Once out there, your guide will rig up rods while you don waders and boots. We’ll have a brief tutorial session, talking through the intricacies of wading and casting techniques, and then fish! During your time on the river, your guide will constantly make suggestions and rig changes as necessary. If you’ve booked a full day, we will break for a lunch of BBQ chicken or steak, fresh green salad, chips, and salsa finished off with a delicious cookie. And then back into the river with renewed vigor. 

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FAQs for Crooked River Trips

As with all of our guided adventures, we will outfit you with a rod, reel, waders, and boots which are all included in the price. On full-day trips, we serve a full lunch either aboard your guide’s boat or ashore. Lunch will be your choice of grilled chicken, brats, burger or deli-style sandwich and all will be served with salad and a dessert. If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, we will accommodate you and your party. Fly & Field will supply cold soda, Gatorade, and water, and if you are interested in having some beers or other alcoholic beverages, bring them along and we are happy to pack them in the cooler.
You will be responsible for purchasing a few flies for the day. If you do not already have an Oregon Fishing License we can sell you one here at the shop either the day of the trip or beforehand. And let’s not forget a generous gratuity for the guide!
Today!! The river is open to fishing all year 'round. Many of us love it the most from late fall to early spring, when she’s in low flow. The hatches come off all winter in skinny water, with fish eating on the surface more days than not. The Blue-Winged Olive and midge hatches can be amazing. Throughout the spring and summer, we fish with nymph rigs and dry flies with midges, caddis and mayflies. The real beauty of the Crooked is that almost any day of the year you can use a variety of techniques and fool fish with all of them!
Dressing properly is an important aspect of an enjoyable day on the water. In the spring and fall that can mean anything from a puffy jacket and knit hat, to short sleeves and a sun hat. During the summer, the vast majority of the time we are in lightweight, UV protectant clothes and a large-brimmed hat. We recommend a pair of polarized sunglasses. If the weather looks like it may go sideways, bring a rain jacket. We also recommend you bring some sunscreen, lip balm, and anything you might need to snack on before or after lunch. Bring a camera or your phone for getting the “grip-n-grin” shot! Also, we are not allowed to supply any alcoholic beverages to our clients. Having said that, you are more than welcome to bring a six-pack or whatever your preference is. We’ve been informed, by perfectly reliable sources, that a cold beer goes nicely with a day of fishing.
The Crooked River is still home to native Redband rainbow trout. These are genetically pure fish. The only fish planted in the Crooked are steelhead smolt and they don’t stick around very long. There are also mountain whitefish in there. But don’t go looking down on these fish; they are native, strong and wily.
The maximum per guide is four. Depending on skill level, we might recommend a two-to-one or three-to-one ratio for a little more attention for each angler. We are limited to how many folks we can take out there at any one time, but we offer small group deals depending on how many people you have. For group outings, we also offer all-inclusive pricing. Contact the shop at 1-866-800-2812 for how that works!

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We offer a variety of guided fly fishing trip packages to ensure that each angler gets the highest quality experience available to them. If the Crooked River Fishing Trip doesn't sound like the perfect fit, check out our other options including Lower Deschutes Day Trips, Walk and Wade Trips, or the highly sought-after Steelhead Fishing Guided Trips. We look forward to seeing you on the water! Fly & Field Outfitters is here to make your experience chasing fish in our local waters one that will not soon be forgotten.

If you have any further questions about a guided day trip fly fishing on the Crooked River, please don’t hesitate to call the shop at 866-800-2812 or email us


Early season reservations will allow you to secure the dates desired. A 50% deposit is required to secure dates, refundable if cancellation is received no less than thirty (30) days prior to trip date. Trips proceed regardless of weather conditions. We reserve to right to cancel in the event of unsafe conditions or other circumstances beyond our control. If we cancel your trip, your deposit will be refunded or applied to a future date that is mutually acceptable.