Upper Deschutes Update 7/1

Fishing is definitely getting better on the Upper Deschutes. After a rough spring, we are happy to be up there getting into more fish. With lake water temps rising, fish are starting to push back into the river. So, fish are not as scarce as they were earlier this year. Still a strong nymph game …

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Upper Deschutes Update

We have been getting mixed reports in the shop over the past week since the opener. Fishing has been fair throughout all stretches. From Wickiup to Benham, the fishing has been rather slow. Not a ton of action from the fish in that stretch with the exception of the few hundred yards below the spillway. …

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Upper Deschutes

We are two days into the opening of the Upper Deschutes this year! Sadly, it seems like the fishing is still a little slow. We were able to get into some fish after spending some time hoofing it. It appears the fish in the stretch below Crane have not made it up there. If they …

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Upper Deschutes:

The Upper Deschutes is the portion of river that stretches from Benham Falls upstream to Little Lava Lake and this portion of river remains closed until may 22. As we approach the opening date, information will be added for what to expect.

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Deschutes and Wikiup 7/3

Often famed for holding large numbers of gigantic browns, Wikiup is one of the best option if you are looking for quality over quantity and want to strip streamers for the predatory fish. The streamer fishing has been on at Wikiup, and a few of the larger fish are cruising the shorelines late in the …

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Brookies on the Upper D

The Upper Deshutes in between Little Lava Lake and Crane Prairie Res has been productive lately offering up an exciting opportunity to hook a Brook Trout in a small stream environment. The fishing has been solid upstream and downstream from the Hwy 40 bridge with nymphing techniques proving effective in the morning and a little …

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Upper Deschutes Big Bugs

Town Water to Billy Chinook is approaching day by day to the grand hatch of Salmon Flies. There are most definitely some big bugs flying around but not in the large forces yet. Using chubby chernobyls to search for the hog johnson browns is a good idea. These fish are eager to fill up their …

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Town Water Big Bugs

Around town has been decent fishing. There have been numerous reports of some fairly bigger brown trout eating streamers and stonefly nymphs. The Deschutes from Benham falls to Billy Chinook is open year round. The water levels below Bend continue to be high which should change in the next few weeks when canals are open …

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