Business Fly Fishing Trips

Lower D Update 11-25-2019

The Lower river has been in good shape and fishing for trout is productive. There are a bunch of eggs in the system right now both from Kings and Whitefish. The trout will swim just behind spawning fish and their respective reds waiting for any eggs dislodged in the swift current. Fish behind redds with …

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Metolius Update 11-25-2019

The Met is my go to for winter fishing, the Kokanne have finished their spawn and the whitefish are begging theirs. Small pale yellow or orange egg patterns will be a good bet for the next couple of weeks as the spawn continues. The trout will stack up behind spawning white fish and pick off …

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Crooked Update 11-15-2019

Consistent flows on the crooked have kept the fish and the fishers happy, with tons of action on nymphs and the whitefish begging to spawn the river has been hot! The blue wings are still showing up in the shade and dry flies fishing has been decent to exceptional some days. Small dark mayflies and …

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