Only a couple of weeks ago everyone around Central Oregon was enjoying 80+ degree days and getting ready for summer. We saw temperatures plenty warm enough to warm the Lower Deschutes and initiate the Salmonfly hatch, only to have a “cold” spell bring a lengthy period of relatively cold temperatures and inclement weather. The change in conditions caused a little bit of a stall in the progression of the hatch leaving anglers scratching their heads, trying to pick the right day to get in on their share of big dry fly action. While a little unusual, the end result seems to have left the same results we expect to see from a big Stonefly hatch: big bugs all over the place and sporadic dry fly fishing. Some days have been good, some days have been slow. The overcast weather has made fish less wary of coming to the surface at times while providing an opportunity to throw some less appreciated smaller bugs to rising trout. At the end of the day, those who’ve seen the most success have been those spending every day on the water and those with a whole lot of luck. There’s still plenty of time to find a fish looking for a big, leggy bug so get after it!

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