Age 60, Resides in La Pine, OR. Married.

Licensed U.S.C.G Captain

Licensed for guiding in Oregon #1552 and California #2808

Former owner/founder of Sierra Drifters Guide Service in Mammoth Lakes, Ca

My name is Tom Loe, and I am a fish-aholic!

I have been a professional fisherman my entire adult life. I bought my first commercial ocean boat at the age of 19, and went to sea hunting broadbill swordfish, tuna, & rockfish. I spent twenty years being the owner/operator of large offshore commercial fishing vessels harpooning swordfish in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

I sold the commercial fishing business in 1997, and moved to Mammoth Lakes, Ca where I built a trophy trout pond (Jurassic Pond) that became internationally known at my residence. I am best known in the industry for being the founder of Sierra Drifters Guide Service. SDGS enjoyed great success, & I recently sold the outfit to one of the senior guides. With my wife Michele, and golden retriever Simba; we moved to Oregon in order to scale down the business end of the guide operation, & spend more time on the water with clients, & friends.

I have personally logged nearly 5,000 guide trips in my twenty plus seasons of fly fishing for trout. I have guided in several States, primarily focusing on larger trophy trout waters using innovative still water nymphing techniques from large center console boats designed specifically for fly casting. I have created numerous fly patterns that are sold commercially, and have patterns inducted into the fly tiers museum. I have a patent on a strike indicator that is sold commercially.

I had the honor of being named one of the West’s Top Thirty Anglers by Western Outdoor Publications, and have been awarded the Stroud Lifetime Achievement Award by the San Diego Fly Fishers for contributions to the sport of fly fishing.

I have been the guest host on several fly fishing TV shows, and radio broadcasts. I have written countless articles for popular FF publications, and periodicals.

I have had a maniacal fascination with trout fishing my entire life. My passion and love for this sport, and the waters that trout live in will be obvious if you spend a day on the water with me. My goal is to channel the passion I have for this sport to you by teaching, and sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the decades. I truly love guiding, and am so thankful for having the opportunity to spend quality time with good people.

I am truly looking forward to my association with Fly & Field Outfitters, & netting some quality fish with you and yours in the future.


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