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Kyle Schenk

Professional Guide

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Fishing really became the biggest part of my life while serving in the United States Navy. I was fortunate enough to be attached to Marine Corps units during my 5 year in enlistment. While I was stationed in North Carolina, my Marines and I would fish as much as we could, usually 7 days a week. We would search our maps for water, hop on the water and fish for bass and other warm water species. After my enlistment ended, I relocated myself back to the Pacific Northwest. Within my first week of living in Bend, I purchased a fly rod from a local shop and went straight to the water. In that first year, I fished nearly 200 days. I found myself fishing and figuring out all the river systems here in Central Oregon. I purchased a spey rod in that first year and learned how to swing for Oregon steelhead. I fell absolutely in love with the sport and continue to fall deeper in love with it everyday. Fly fishing has become my ultimate passion and I love nothing more than talking about fly fishing and everything that comes with the sport.


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