My journey as a fly fisherman started on the Lower Deschutes River. 19 years ago, my father purchased a guided trip to drift and fly fish the Lower Deschutes from the Warm Springs boat launch to take out at Trout Creek. My brother, father and I as first time ever fly anglers hooked multiple fish and had an opportunity to see and feel the power of the native Red Band trout that live in the Lower Deschutes River. My brother and I were totally hooked! We scrounged up as much money as we possibly could and spent what we had on outfitting ourselves with the bare minimum.

Wet wading the Lower Deschutes because we didn’t have enough money yet for waders, we spent every weekend for six straight months camping at Trout Creek, hiking up and down the river banks exploring the river and learning how, and in what different ways we could trick the beautiful Red Bands into eating our flies.

Tying flies has become one of my hobbies, as it has for most fly anglers out there. I love fishing water that I’ve never seen before and better yet that I’ve never heard of before. Traveling and fishing as the client, as opposed to the guide is an incredible experience. Fly fishing has taken me to many mossy forests, salty flats and lakes all over. From stripping flies in the Florida Keys, for the widely sought-after tarpon, to popping large surface flies for explosive bass, in the countless days playing the mighty Deschutes. It’s a passion!

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