For myself, my family moving to Bend, Oregon has been the world’s biggest blessing and, in a way, almost a curse. Coming from Mercer Island, Washington in the Seattle area you could say Bend was a little less structured, maybe a bit more laid back and to myself as an 8th grader a wonderland of a never ending playground, that has kept me exploring since day one.

From as far back as I can remember I have memories of being on the water fishing as a child, largely impart because of my father. Although he may not be as dedicated an angler or necessarily able to put the time in, he is equally as passionate and got me going from a young age. I have been fishing as long as I can remember, beside. I guess it was something I would either fall in love with or grow out of like many other hobbies, and become bored with it if I became stagnate. But unlike many things, fly fishing is a constant questioning of one’s ability to adapt and change with the varying conditions, and that’s what I got hooked on.  So many theories, so many debates over the most minute differences to a sane person but let’s face it, were not sane, are we? Running around chasing fish, talking about bugs, feathers and our, oh so many theories! I mean not everyone would look at you completely normally hearing this stuff out of context but that’s what makes it great.

I grew up fishing the many rives and creeks in Sun Valley, Idaho, spending much time in the summers there as a child, water in Alaska for trout and salmon, Mahi Mahi in Hawaii, sockeye in Lake Washington, but since moving to Bend, Oregon I haven’t left the state, with the diversity in the Central Oregon area alone it seems you could spend a life time within this area, and that’s where I have been, wandering around the waters of the High Desert.

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