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Danny McWilliams

Professional Guide

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After growing up in the rainy Willamette Valley, I fell in love with Central Oregon on my first visit, and have been here ever since. The initial draw was the mountains and snow, but about four years ago my life changed. I had moved into a house which had a gate opening on to the Deschutes River Trail, and my longtime friend who fished left me his spare fly rod. This was in November, so my first few months of fishing consisted of happily wandering around in the snow, freezing my fingers and toes off, and catching a grand total of zero fish.

Then, one day in the late spring, everything changed. I remember my first fish very clearly, a small Rainbow on a brown Elk Hair Caddis. I think it must have changed my brain chemistry because I haven’t looked back since. Since that day, the pursuit of trout and their anadromous cousins has consumed my life, and I have spent every spare second chasing them all over Oregon. I guess you could say that I fish because I love to. I love small Brookies and Rainbows, I love camping in the rain for days on end in the pursuit of Steelhead, stomping around in the snow looking for Browns, and I love the places it has taken me.

I could not be happier to be part of the awesome family here at Fly and Field, and get to absorb some of their plethora knowledge.

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