My two passions in life are teaching and fishing. So it stands to reason that I’d end up a schoolteacher and a fishing guide. I’m blessed to be able to educate my students in the classroom and clients on the water.

I was born in Tennessee and grew up in family of avid fishermen. When I was 9 my father decided that he and I would take up fly fishing, and I instantly fell in love with the sport.

I spent many years fly fishing all over the south until I moved to Colorado in 2012.  After completing my masters at the University of Denver, I moved to the Vail area where I began my careers as both an educator and a fly-fishing guide, working primarily on the Eagle River out of the Minturn Anglers Fly Shop.

I came through Bend on a fishing road trip and instantly fell in love with the town and the diversity of the fishery. I moved shortly after and have loved exploring the many rivers in Central Oregon ever since. This is the perfect place to continue “teaching” my students in classrooms and on rivers!

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