Hard to believe that the Lower Deschutes “Day Stretch” is set to open within days. We are super excited for the 2018 season down there. With the mild winter, we shouldn’t see any major flow changes down there between now and then, creating a great early season opportunity for really fun fishing. The big bugs will begin their migration towards the banks before too long, making for some of the craziest nymph fishing we see all year. Having just spent three days below the boundary fishing down to Maupin I can testify to the river being in great shape, the fish hungry and the overall experience about as good as it gets. We caught fish on just about everything we threw at them. As the water continues to warm, the fishing should keep getting better. So grab a friend (or 10!) and get a trip booked now for the first couple weeks of the season. We have guides available and psyched to get down there with you.
This really is the time to get your Lower D in.

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