Central Oregon Lakes Update

Crane Prairie- The water temps on Crane are definitely starting to rise. Fishing early in the morning and late in the afternoon can be effective in the shallows. If not, fishing the channels during the heat of the day will be your best into getting into some fish. Make sure you check the weather report …

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Wickiup Update 7.18

Fish the big bomber chironomids off the drop off in the mornings. Cali’s in the mid day. Dry dropper or cast and strip with intermediate lines. If you indicator fish. Fish heavy nymphs and fish faster than you would at Crane. They want it moving.  Streamers and leeches in the evening.

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Wickiup Reservoir Update

Wickiup is still very full! The fishing is starting to pick up a bit but it is still not fishing the way we want. If you opt to go to Wickiup over the other lakes, fishing under the bobber will be your best bet. Go to flies have been ice cream cones, callibaetis nymphs, and …

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Wickiup Update

We have been able to spend a few days up there over the last week. It seems like the lake(reservoir) may still be a little high to be fishing at this time. We have been able to pick up fish but not as many as we are hoping for. Fishing streamers, buggers, and slow stripping …

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Wickiup Reservoir:

Wickiup opens tomorrow! The roads are free of snow the boat ramps are accessible and the ice is gone! Early season fishing around Wickiup should be best in areas of shallower water where temperatures can heat up a bit faster promoting more aquatic life. Wickiup is renowned for the big browns more than whiling to …

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Seeing “Red” on Wikiup

That time of the year is upon us when the water levels in Wikiup Reservoir are low and the kokanee don their bright red mating colors and make their way upstream to spawn as the resident trout follow right behind them to gobble up any stray eggs or bits of flesh.  This is one of the best times …

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Deschutes and Wikiup 7/3

Often famed for holding large numbers of gigantic browns, Wikiup is one of the best option if you are looking for quality over quantity and want to strip streamers for the predatory fish. The streamer fishing has been on at Wikiup, and a few of the larger fish are cruising the shorelines late in the …

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