Central Oregon Lakes Update

Crane Prairie- The water temps on Crane are definitely starting to rise. Fishing early in the morning and late in the afternoon can be effective in the shallows. If not, fishing the channels during the heat of the day will be your best into getting into some fish. Make sure you check the weather report …

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Hosmer Lake:

The cascade lakes highway remains closed at the pine martin parking lot and will most likely remain that way for some time with the snow pack of the cascades this season. The 42 road south of Sun River is open but once you hit Cascade Lakes Highway the road is unmaintained and access will be …

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Summertime at Hosmer

This time of year on Hosmer Lake can be magical at moment. With crystal clear water, it is akin to fishing an aquarium sometimes. Traveling sedges in the evening provide plenty of opportunity for some top water action. The Goddard’s Caddis and basic Elk Hair Caddis are  effective patterns to bring along with you for …

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Hosmer Open & Accessible

Hosmer is now accessible and fishing decent. Stripping leech patterns or fishing chironomids are the best options for early springtime. The bright yellow and white crystal buggers can work well. Now is the time to fish Hosmer with solitude before the kayak madness begins!

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As many of you have probably heard, Cascade Lakes Highway opened last week from the south gate allowing access to both Little Lava and Hosmer Lakes. Early reports have good fishing for really active fish in both. Early season stillwater fishing can be tricky business. From day to day fish will either be keyed in …


Hosmer Report

Fall on Hosmer can be very rewarding. Streamer patterns can produce big brookies and Atlantic Salmon. Bright crystal buggers can trigger bites too. Come by the shop and check out are selection of buggers and streamers.

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Hosmer Time!

Hosmer lake can fish the best of the cascade lakes in the fall. The streamer game can be rewarding and the fish are willing to eat bright streamers stripped fast. Bright and flashy crystal buggers can work. Small nymphs stripped slowly can work too. Pheasant tails and small callibaetis nymphs are good choices. The best …

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Hosmer Lake Report

Hosmer has been fantastic! Damsels and callibaetis are around and the fish are on the bite. Have both dries and nymphs in callibaetis and damsels. Other methods that can produce are chironomids in the channel and stripped woolly buggers on an intermediate sinking line. Get out there and enjoy what Hosmer has to offer.

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Hosmer Lake Report

Hosmer Lake is fishing well currently. Using a mix of damsels, callibaetis, chironomids, and buggers is producing. Good patterns to have are: crystal bugger, hale bopp leech, soft hackle callibaetis, slimfast damsel, and ice cream cones.

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