Crane Prairie Opener update

Early season on Crane Prairie can be tough, with fish spread throughout the lake expect fishing to be relatively slow for the next few weeks. As the water continues to warm, fish will congregate in the deeper channels and fishing should improve. That being said, there is still opportunity to catch fish. Slow stripping wooly …

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Crane Prairie Update 10/4

We are continuing to spend plenty of time on Crane this Fall as it is a great fall fishing destination. As of this week, we are seeing water temps starting to drop. In some areas, the water temp has dropped to 41°. However, in other areas of the lake, the water temps range from 45° …

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Crane Prairie Update

As we get more and more into the Fall, the Cascade Lakes continue to transition. With water temps on Crane measuring between 45-51 degrees, the fish are scattered and getting ready to gorge for the winter. If you find the fish, it will be a great time! We have still been focusing our efforts on …

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Crane Prairie Update

Well, well, well, it looks like as if winter is knocking right on our front door. It is easy to say that we are going through some transitional phases as weather and seasons change. This means that the fisheries are going through a similar change. The water temps on Crane Prairie have been all over …

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Crane Update

The bobber fishing on Crane has begun to get a little tougher. It seems as the lake is transitioning again and there is a algae bloom happening again by Rock Creek and Quinn. It is a long, stringy, algae that tends to stick to your flies, leader, and line. This gets quite frustrating so it …

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Central Oregon Lakes Update

Crane Prairie- The water temps on Crane are definitely starting to rise. Fishing early in the morning and late in the afternoon can be effective in the shallows. If not, fishing the channels during the heat of the day will be your best into getting into some fish. Make sure you check the weather report …

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Crane Update 7.18

The algae bloom is clearing is almost gone. The channels are still 14-16 ft which mean that the lake levels are good. surface temps around 70-73, which is good! Caddis are coming off in the morning and lasting for a short period of time. The callibaetis come off in the middle of the day and are …

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Crane Prairie 7.11

There are a bunch of fish in the channels. Rock Creek. Quinn. Cultus, the are all good. Channels are 14-16 ft. The bloom is full on in Quinn and Rock Creek. Cultus and Deschutes channels are clear. Caddis in the am. The damsels are full on around mid-morning, lasting for just a little bit. Callibaeits …

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Crane Prairie Quick Update

Quick update from Scott in the field: With the warmer water temps and algae bloom fishing in the channels has been very effective. Lots of cookie cutter size fish in the channel. Fish 14 feet of water with a size 16 red two-bit hooker and a size 18 dark assassin has been producing.

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