The lakes were accessible before the snow came, and judging on temps should be good to go again if not today by the next. Fishing was decent in the morning before the wind picked up on leeches and dark assassins under indicators. Stripping an intermediate line with a smaller leech or bugger is always a go to early season when searching for fish, focus on any structure and depth changes when looking for the trout.

The road into the lakes will defiantly have some good ruts and holes and with the melting should be pretty sloppy right now. 4 wheel drive is a given and bringing a buddy is a good idea in case you should to dig. Overall I’d say the fishing will only get better as the weekend rolls through and now is a great time to be getting out of the house and on the water!

Recommended Dries: Chubby Peacock #14, Para-Cricket #14-16, Black Stimi #14-16

Recommended Nymphs: Dark Assassin #14-18, Birds Nest #14-18, Two Bit Hooker #16-20, Chiro Cone Red #10-18, Criss X Black #10, Water Boatman #14, Black or Olive Wolly Bugger #8-12, Ruby Leech #8, Balanced Leech Bruised #10-14, Balanced Leech Olive #10-14

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