This is always our favorite time of year for the Metolius, and it is a year-round fishery you can target amazing wild trout throughout the year with amazing dry fly opportunities and also great nymphing and streamer fishing to boot. Dries are mainly going to be BWO’s and Mahogany Duns. It’s possible to have a few PMDs still flying around, but the nymph game is strictly around October Caddis Pupas behind a Golden Stone. We also really enjoy putting on a classic bead-head pheasant tail in a size 14- 18 as that third fly. 

Kokanee are in the system, and are almost all spawned out, so replacing that dropper with an egg pattern will definitely be key for any nymph rig. 

P.S. Don’t forget your 8 weights and Dolly Llamas….

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