Despite the traffic and the fires, the fishing on the Lower D (WS-TC) has remained decent on the fishing front. We are seeing really nice caddis and PMD/PED hatches through out the day. The fish are keyed into Caddis in the slower, back eddy, type of water and are eating PMDs/PEDs in the faster, rifflier, areas.  If you are throwing dries, we recommend having a variety of caddis flies such as X-caddis, X2 Caddis, outrigger caddis, and your standard elk hair caddis. You will want to fish these on 4 or 5x tippet and in size 16-18s. If you are fishing the PMD hatch, fishing with size 16-18 hackle stackers, parachute adams, parachute PMDS, or purple hazes can be effective.

If you are looking to nymph, fish 4x or 5x fluorocarbon tippets and leaders. Fishing with sz 10-12 jimmy legs (black or brown),  sz 18-20 2-bit hookers (red or black), sz 16-18 Sparkle pupas.

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