Lava and Little Lava are some of our favorite early season lakes. Typically they warm up a little faster than the larger lakes, and good fishing follows. Good numbers of fish are being found on both, and while we are seeing a large number of small, recently planted fish there is definitely opportunity for some of the larger hold-overs. Look for fish to be somewhat separated into groups of hold-overs and groups of recently planted fish. Keep this in mind and cover water to find some of the larger hold-overs, the fish should begin to mix more in the coming weeks.  Fishing balanced leeches and chironomids under an indicator should produce fish, and we should be seeing callibaetis soon. Retrieving an olive leech is always a good strategy and is a good method for covering water! 

Suggested flies: Olive hale bopp #8, olive BH mini leech, dark assassin #16-18, red or black ice cream cones #14-16, red or black yankee buzzer #14-16, olive balanced leech


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