The fishing on the Crooked River has been pretty great! We are seeing a nice BWO and PMD hatch coming off in the afternoons. Also, a decent Mahogany Dun hatch is coming off in the afternoon. This is is a good opportunity to go and throw some small dries to the fish. With the weather patterns we are having this week, it may knock the hatches down a bit. However, fish are still looking up and are eager to take a dry off the surface when presented properly. Fishing size 16-18 BWO hackle stackers,  size 16-18 parachute Adams, size 16-18 purple haze, and size 16-18 purple comparaduns will get the job done.

If the fish are not looking up, focus your efforts on fishing under the bobber. We recommend throwing 5 or 6x fluorocarbon with a double nymph rig set up. Fishing with a size 16 red or copper- copper john, size 16-18 prince nymph, and sz 14-16 pheasant tail as a top fly is a good bet. As your dropper fly, you will want to fish something small and mayfly-like! We recommend the size 18-20 red or black two-bit hooker, size 18-20 red or black winkers midge and sz 18-20 zebra midges.

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