The Crooked River has still been fishing decently well through out the day! The fishing really begins to turn on mid morning (10 am) and then slows down by early afternoon. However, in the lulls of “good fishing” the fishing has remained consistent. The fish push to deeper pools when the sun gets high so fishing under an indicator is your best bet. There was a decent PMD hatch that was coming off in the late morning but it seems as those have begun to hatch around 945-10 instead of a bit later. The fish are not super keyed in up top but when the hatch is off, the fish are eating just about any nymph they can get in their mouth.

Our top flies have been sz 16-20 anatomay (olive), sz 18-20 two bit hooker (red or black), sz 18 hares ear soft hackle, sz 18 pheasant tail soft hackle, sz 20-22 tailwater tinies (olive), sz 18-24 winkers midge (red or black) and sz 18-22 zebra midges (red, olive, purple, or black).


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