The Crooked has been dropped down into winter flows for the past couple of weeks. The fish can key into BWO’s in the right weather conditions. So having some dry flies like your traditional Parachute Adams in size #18-20 and a few varieties of BWOs will cover most of your dry fly action. Nymphing, when the dry flies are turned off, is always a good bet, and we like to be using either tactical nymphs with jigged hooks and tungsten bead heads in your traditional styles like the hare’s ear with rubber legs or the prince nymph. Zebra midges and two-bit hookers are always a great choice as your second nymph. Look for the Whitefish spawn to be happening and start fishing tiny eggs as your second fly and have a blast. 

Flows are still really low, so keying into the areas with deeper runs and buckets will benefit anyone seeking out a good day on the Crooked. 

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