We are seeing more of the same on the Crooked for now. With low flows and cold days fish have been pretty sluggish, but there is still plenty of opportunity to get into good numbers of fish for those with the patience and skill to put the fly where it needs to be. With the water as low as it is expect fish to be in the deepest of holes, where a well presented midge pattern should get some interest. It is important to focus on maintaining consistent, drag free drifts. It doesn’t take much of a mistake to put a fish off in the slow zones they are concentrated in. A light indicator or dry-dropper are ideal to reduce commotion on the surface, and on the right day fish will come up and take a BWO or Midge pattern in the film.

Suggested Dries: Female Baetis Hackle stacker BWO #18 or 20, Brewers Butthead BWO #18- 20, Griffith’s Gnat #18-22

Suggested Nymphs: Two Bit Hooker black #18-22, Zebra Midge black or Purple #20 or 22, Juju Baetis Black #18 or 20, Tailwater Tiny #18 or 20, Rainbow Warrior #18-20

Small black or black and red leeches, minimal weight, slow retrieve and swing.

Ruby leech #8-10, Slumpbuster #8 or 10.


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