Fall River Update 7/1

We have fish in the river! For now… The Fall River has been fishing great over the past few days. We are seeing a great PMD hatch in the late morning and late afternoon. Fish are looking up to purple haze, midges, and parachute adams. If you are nymphing out there, fish with pheasant tails, …

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Lower D Caddis

The warm weather we have been getting has done wonders for the caddis fishing. The fish are staging into their feeding zones for caddis. We have had a few days of solely dry fly fishing! Loading up with X-caddis (tan/olive, 16-18), elk hair caddis (tan/olive, 16-18), and Spent Caddis (size 16-18) will cover your bases. …

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Crane Prairie Report 6/27

The surface temps on Crane are starting to heat up. This means that fish will start moving into the channels as the days continue to get warmer. Fishing has still been great. Fish are keyed into callibaetis nymphs and damsels. The algae bloom is starting to take off and we expect it to get even …

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Upper Deschutes Update 7/1

Fishing is definitely getting better on the Upper Deschutes. After a rough spring, we are happy to be up there getting into more fish. With lake water temps rising, fish are starting to push back into the river. So, fish are not as scarce as they were earlier this year. Still a strong nymph game …

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Crooked River Report 6/27

The fishing has been decent on the Crooked River. We are finding some very nice whitefish and a handful of decent trout. Our guides have been getting decent numbers for small trout with a few nice fish mixed in there. Unfortunately, there has not been much of a hatch or many rising fish, so we …

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Crane Prairie Update

Crane was good last week. Water temps cooled with the cold front. Slowed the damsels.  Big cali hatch in the mid morning. Red PT and assassin under indicator set  about half way to the bottom. Midges in the morning. #16 and 18 black and red zebra.

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East Lake- still fishing well!

The beetle fishing has still been great! When the fish turn on, they turn on. We have been having some epic days on East Lake with high numbers of fish. If you are not fishing a dry terrestrial, switch over to under the indicator. Fishing with callibaetis nymphs, dark assassins,  red pheasant tails, and gillie …

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Wickiup Reservoir Update

Wickiup is still very full! The fishing is starting to pick up a bit but it is still not fishing the way we want. If you opt to go to Wickiup over the other lakes, fishing under the bobber will be your best bet. Go to flies have been ice cream cones, callibaetis nymphs, and …

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