East Lake Update 7/11

Fishing has been  a little tough the past few days. We have been getting lots of small fish with subtle bites while fishing under the indicator.We fished in close to the boat so we would not miss strikes. Leaving the indicator away from you can lead to missed fish. Callibaetis dries come off around 11-2. …

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Crane Prairie 7.11

There are a bunch of fish in the channels. Rock Creek. Quinn. Cultus, the are all good. Channels are 14-16 ft. The bloom is full on in Quinn and Rock Creek. Cultus and Deschutes channels are clear. Caddis in the am. The damsels are full on around mid-morning, lasting for just a little bit. Callibaeits …

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Lower D Caddis Update

The Lower Deschutes (warm springs to trout creek) has been on FIRE! The caddis is out in swarms and are coming off nearly ALL day. Watch the banks for sipping fish. Be sure to hit these fish on the head with your fly, the typically do not move more than a few inches to sip …

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Fall River Update 7/11

There are PLENTY of fish in the Fall! The guys at the hatchery have indicated that they are stocking the river weekly at this point. Not hundreds at a time, but, a decent amount of fish in each of the 3 common drop locations. It is nice to see fish back in the river given …

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Crooked River Update!

The Crooked River has been fishing great! We are seeing a decent PMD hatch a few times throughout the day. The first one popping off around 11 am, lasting for a few 20 minutes or so. We have seen an afternoon hatch coming off around 3-4pm. Be sure to have size 16-18 PMDs. You can …

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Crane Prairie Quick Update

Quick update from Scott in the field: With the warmer water temps and algae bloom fishing in the channels has been very effective. Lots of cookie cutter size fish in the channel. Fish 14 feet of water with a size 16 red two-bit hooker and a size 18 dark assassin has been producing.

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East Lake- Quick Update

Update from the field from our guides: East Lake is fishing well fishing with a dry Cali with a dropper under. Cali cripple with a sz 18 Dark Assasin.  Nymphing with a sz 16 pheasant tail with a red wire wrap black Chironomid produces. Also, stripping buggers still produces nice trout off the banks and …

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Fall River Update 7/1

We have fish in the river! For now… The Fall River has been fishing great over the past few days. We are seeing a great PMD hatch in the late morning and late afternoon. Fish are looking up to purple haze, midges, and parachute adams. If you are nymphing out there, fish with pheasant tails, …

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Lower D Caddis

The warm weather we have been getting has done wonders for the caddis fishing. The fish are staging into their feeding zones for caddis. We have had a few days of solely dry fly fishing! Loading up with X-caddis (tan/olive, 16-18), elk hair caddis (tan/olive, 16-18), and Spent Caddis (size 16-18) will cover your bases. …

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Crane Prairie Report 6/27

The surface temps on Crane are starting to heat up. This means that fish will start moving into the channels as the days continue to get warmer. Fishing has still been great. Fish are keyed into callibaetis nymphs and damsels. The algae bloom is starting to take off and we expect it to get even …

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