Lower Deschutes Dog Days

The proper Dog Days of Summer are finally upon us. These are long, hot, caddis-filled days on the big river. The fishing can be really tough. The fish are there and the bugs cover everything and yet get a hookup can take a lot of effort. As much as we want to be knee-deep wet …

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Wickiup Update 7.18

Fish the big bomber chironomids off the drop off in the mornings. Cali’s in the mid day. Dry dropper or cast and strip with intermediate lines. If you indicator fish. Fish heavy nymphs and fish faster than you would at Crane. They want it moving.  Streamers and leeches in the evening.

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Beautiful Trout at East Lake

East Lake Update 7.18

East has been a bit tough for the bigger fish. Cali hatch has been great in the mid day.  Fish not really on them on the bright blue days. If we get some cloud cover that will all change. Indicator fishing off the hump or on the east shore in 13 ft with small 16 …

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Crane Update 7.18

The algae bloom is clearing is almost gone. The channels are still 14-16 ft which mean that the lake levels are good. surface temps around 70-73, which is good! Caddis are coming off in the morning and lasting for a short period of time. The callibaetis come off in the middle of the day and are …

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East Lake Update 7/11

Fishing has been  a little tough the past few days. We have been getting lots of small fish with subtle bites while fishing under the indicator.We fished in close to the boat so we would not miss strikes. Leaving the indicator away from you can lead to missed fish. Callibaetis dries come off around 11-2. …

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Crane Prairie 7.11

There are a bunch of fish in the channels. Rock Creek. Quinn. Cultus, the are all good. Channels are 14-16 ft. The bloom is full on in Quinn and Rock Creek. Cultus and Deschutes channels are clear. Caddis in the am. The damsels are full on around mid-morning, lasting for just a little bit. Callibaeits …

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Lower D Caddis Update

The Lower Deschutes (warm springs to trout creek) has been on FIRE! The caddis is out in swarms and are coming off nearly ALL day. Watch the banks for sipping fish. Be sure to hit these fish on the head with your fly, the typically do not move more than a few inches to sip …

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Fall River Update 7/11

There are PLENTY of fish in the Fall! The guys at the hatchery have indicated that they are stocking the river weekly at this point. Not hundreds at a time, but, a decent amount of fish in each of the 3 common drop locations. It is nice to see fish back in the river given …

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