Crooked River:

The Crooked River has had a rough couple months with very high fluctuating water levels that haven’t receded for some time. With around 1400 CFS coming out of Bowman Dam, I would imagine the fishing to still be very tough, and until the water recedes I don’t image a huge improvement. For those adventurous enough …

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Fall river:

The Fall River seems to be fishing fairly consistently again around the tubes and hatchery, with sporadic planting, fish are around. Most of the action subsurface will be on small midge patters between 18-22. Other flies to try are Rainbow Warriors and Pheasant Tails, all between that 18-22 size. For the surface, try throwing Griffiths …

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Metolius River

Oh, the mighty Metolius. As everyone knows, if you have ever been to this river, whether for fishing or just recreation, the Met has something magical about it. The beautiful aqua blue water is captivating in and among its self and just walking the banks is an escape. Although fishing at times can be tough, …

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Upper Deschutes:

The Upper Deschutes is the portion of river that stretches from Benham Falls upstream to Little Lava Lake and this portion of river remains closed until may 22. As we approach the opening date, information will be added for what to expect.

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East Lake- fishing in August

The fishing at East Lake has remained pretty decent throughout August! The smoky sky and the eclipse crowds over the past few weeks have left East Lake rather empty. It seems as the terrestrial fishing has pretty much shut off for the year. We are focusing on deep water chironomid fishing at this point. We …

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Metolius Magic

This is an amazing time of the year to visit the Metolius. Yes, it’s difficult. And no, there’s not a ton of fish to be caught. But there are some nice hatches coming off and the fish are feeding. The flows have come down to a normal 1400cfs-ish and the mayflies and caddis are out …

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