Here is my annual collection of photos from another amazing year. This life, being a dad and fishing guide here in Central Oregon, has proved one well worth living. I’m a lucky boy to be sure, even if I don’t fish that much anymore! I get as much enjoyment and reward angling through my son, my friends and clients as I do fishing for me nowadays. As crazy busy as the “Season” is for me, there is a concerted effort to keep some balance with family, fishing, fun and relaxation. So these pictures are not all from the river. And there are a few more than usual. Hope you enjoy!


From the day that was New Year’s when the girls and I set up this selfie on the river above town. Always try to start the new year off on a good note!
From the day that was Lola’s 7th Birthday. This angel has touched so many lives already and will sure touch many, many more. One of my better contributions for sure
From the day we arrived to find a frozen moonscape with a river running through it. Turns out fish still eat when the air temp is twelve degrees!
From the day in February me and a few of the guides bailed to a little ditch outside of town and found some nice fish chasing streamers
From the day on the Metolius when I got to net Scott’s fish for him AND take the Grip-n-Grin. Such an honor each and every time.
From the day my son and favorite human, Jasper Trout, got back from Patagonia just in time to keep me company at the Sportsman’s Show booth and made the day so much better
From the night Lola got up in front of a roomful of strangers and sang her heart out with me
From the day on a secret river in Eastern Oregon when the brown trout wanted to play with Jasper and I and our tiny flies.
From the day in March when Lola decided she was ready for Summit Lift; a major step for any skier at Bachelor. It was as beautiful a day as we had last year and she shredded the whole run down to cocoa and french fries!
From the day Jasper caught this massive ‘bow at Lake in the Dunes. We had a “employee fun fish” day last April and he may have had the most fun!
From the day Jasper and I doubled up on a brother/sister team of Redbands
From the day we set sail on our first Camp Trip of the Season with the famous, fabulous and fishy Nandra Weeks. It was about as much fun as anyone should have at “work”
From the day the aforementioned Nandra landed yet another slabby Redband. I’d fish this lady every day of the week!
From the day I was reminded that there’s nothing better than a meal shared with awesome folks on the banks of the mighty and beautiful Lower Deschutes River
That’s what I’m talking about!!!
From the day my clients, an incredibly cool couple who’ve become good friends, waded out as I put lunch away and stuck a nice fish, just the two of them, getting after it, stoked to be together away from life’s hassles, deep in the canyon
From the day the first big bug showed itself and we knew it was “Game On”!
From the day we got absolutely pounded in camp by an awesome storm, and as it blew itself east, the canyon rewarded our suffering with a magnificent display of color and texture
From the day super-angler Joanne Berry nailed yet another fat trout during our camp trip on the Lower Deschutes

From the day I didn’t sink my boat in Whitehorse

From the day we took a whole bunch of anglers down the river on a camp trip. The “Fly and Field Flotilla” is what we call it. An impressive fleet without a doubt
From the day I played golf the way I’m convinced it was meant to be played.
From the day my clients appreciated this view as much as I always do.
From the day I had a day off from the big river and ran into the most insane caddis hatch I’ve ever seen on the Crooked River
From the day I rowed away from Trout Creek with these two amazing women and never really wanted to the trip to end!
From the day I ventured into the burn zone of the Boxcar Fire and could hardly believe the transformed canyon. The grass will all come back, but that first trip was a shocker
From the day when, yet again, I was stunned by the perfect beauty of nature’s finest creation. Time after time these Native Redbands, even with the slight blemish of Black Spot Disease, take my breath away and cause me to pause and admire
From the day this insanely fishy effer showed up with his seven-foot six-inch three-weight and stuffed four of these things into the net. One of the fancier bits of Dancing with Redbands I’ve ever seen!
From the day Jasper and I stumbled on a little creek with some nice fish in it and nature showed off for us a little bit
From the day I got to go fishing and ran into this
From the day the Lower Deschutes canyon got even prettier
From the day this dude showed up from Colorado and found out what a Native Redband fights like!
From the early-September day when Jasper and two of his closest, oldest friends ventured deep into the canyon for three days of insanely fun fishing and precious bonding. I felt honored to have been included
From the day Super Dale got BUSY!! Hard to image a guy more fun to fish, and I got several days of it!
From the day Birthday Boy Brett stuck a Redband for the ages. It was an honor to be there for this one!
From the day I woke up at Luelling’s Homestead and wandered to the river for a quick sesh. Turns out I still know how to fool ’em down there. Massive thanks to Steve and Reggie and the boys who host me down there each year
From the day that was my Birthday when I played golf ALL DAY out at Juniper with good friends, then with strangers, then alone, all under a spectacular autumn sky
From the day this tall, cool drink of water absolutely lit it up on the Day Stretch. And yes, that is Jasper with his clients across the river hooked up too
From the day we put the first steelhead of the year in the net, which means I got to drink a beer at work!
From the day Opal bobbed patiently in the riffle as we stuck fish after fish on the drop-off! I’ll always remember how glorious the sun felt that afternoon
From the day an All-Star ball player almost ended up on the DL brawling this Redband!
From the day it didn’t matter if he’d ever touched a fly rod. Athletes get it done!
From the day Freeland stuck this slab on a swung fly and found out what a big Redband feels like
From the day Jeff Cook joined the Fall Float and put a “Hatch-atizer” in the boat
From the day (night) I took the best nap ever in my boat, at camp, while the rest of the crew played washers and sat by the fire. Word has it that while Kyle took pictures of me, others tried to get me to go to my tent and I refused in animated fashion. Zero recollection of that part. A portrait of a content fishing guide if ever there was one
From the day Kyle put on one of the more impressive “dis-spley” casting demonstrations anyone’s ever seen. I consider it a privilege to call him a friend
From the morning this stud wrangled a harem of six all over this ridge across from camp. Every encounter I have with one of these animals is a blessing
From the day we rowed around the corner and found out what it’s like to follow the entire staff of Fly and Field Outfitters down the river
From the day this guy hooked a toad at the first stop of a two day trip and never really stopped the whole time!
From the day Jasper went a the river I’ve fished more than any other and stuck a fish bigger than any I’d ever seen there.
From the day Lola got her first puppy and Gus entered our lives. Future fishing dog? I’ll let you know in the spring
From the day I escaped the puppy-house madness and rode into the snow, the silence, the time to reflect on all that’s happened and all that lay ahead. Grateful. And full of anticipation.
From the day that was my last on the river for the year (in Opal at least) when it was 19 degrees at the ramp and the river emitted steam that turned everything white. Hooked three steelhead, by the way. We won’t talk about the hook-to-land ratio though.

As always, thank you for your time. I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and an epic 2019. Until next year, peace and love to you and yours.



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