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Hard to believe that we’re already talking about our favorite anadromous fish again. While last year’s memories still linger, from the last grab before the shortest day of the year, and the Deschutes is home to the next generation, as they climb ever higher up the mighty river. We have some of our guides and employees down from Mack’s Canyon right now doing the hard work of scouting the run. It’s hard, demanding work, but if you’ve learned anything over the last couple years is that we will stop at nothing to get you the very latest intel. So stay tuned and we will offer up our findings next week.


Until then we think back fondly on some of last year’s more memorable moments. The Deschutes below the White River last year suffered badly for the heavy silt tumbling in from the shoulders of Mt Hood. There were the occasional clear days, but for a month and a half the big river ran the color of a cappuccino. And while the fishing suffered, the fish seem to have made it through the murk no worse for the wear. We don’t expect the same mess this season as the mountain had a good snow year and we haven’t seen the extreme heat we had beginning late June. The water temps down around Moody have fluctuated between sixty-one and sixty-eight degrees, which is a little higher than we’d like to see but still well shy of the dangerously high temps we saw last year. For now we foresee no mandatory closures, but we will be first to alert you if that happens.

Martin Lower D re-size002

Last year we had our guide, Martin Ciszek down in the lower Lower fishing and guiding. He had some good days both below and above Maupin. He’s a guy well versed in swinging up summer steelhead on the D and this was proven last season.

Martin Lower D re-size007

On the trip he took our incredibly talented friend Steven Yochum, who joined to take pictures and fish a little, providing amazing memories and some beautiful pics.Martin Lower D re-size003 Martin Lower D re-size005

Around the same time, while minding our own business fishing for trout on the “Day Stretch” a client from outside Las Vegas fooled, battled and landed this solid hatchery fish.

Remedi Steelhead004

Soon thereafter this fish was deceived by a #20 soft hackle while head guide, Griff Marshall was giving an innocent demo cast.

Newsletter 10:14:15004

Into Mid-October we were to be found guiding the fabulous Kim Reichhelm on a three-day trip from Trout Creek to Maupin. This was her first steelhead on a fly rod.

Newsletter 11:04:15014

Also in October one of guests on a Toyota corporate outing, Damon swung up his first ever steelhead with Martin guiding on the Day Stretch. This was a monumental occasion that created a monster in the otherwise unassuming guy!

Newsletter 11:04:15030

So now we look forward to a new season of chasing steel on the Lower Deschutes. So far indications are that we should see a solid run. Now’s the time to get out and touch some sea-run power for yourself. We have availability for everything from day trips to fully supported multi-day camp adventures. Give us a call and let us get you going. Maybe next year you could be one these incredible memories.

A massive thanks to Steven Yochum and Arian Stevens for the beautiful photography.

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