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Guides & Staff

Mike Houska


One of the toughest aspects of what I do is fighting the urge to put down my cameras and replace with a fly rod. That said, I love the challenge of capturing the excitement and feeling of being there in the fisherman’s boots. For me, this is similar to how a fisherman feels on those amazing days when every cast brings the anticipation of something special about to happen. Like fishing, shooting involves planning, well-tuned instincts, experience, and yes, sometimes luck too. What’s cool about working with Scott and his crew is they all want to help me get “The Shot” but never lose sight of what we’re really after, which is FUN!

In addition to shooting for fly fishing & bird hunting clients, I also shoot for a variety of other clients in the resorts, tourism, manufacturing, publishing, high tech, and health care industries. Although fly fishing and bird hunting are among my most challenging subjects to shoot, the experience of photographing various subjects are all similar in they are the results of timing, vision, and enjoyment.

Thanks for taking the time to visit with Fly and Field as well as to view some of my imagery. More of my work can be viewed at

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