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Guides & Staff

Kevin Hoar

Professional Guide

After a decade of guiding with Fly & Field in Bend, every once in a while someone will ask me if I still like guiding fishing trips. They will ask if I still enjoy instructing clients. My response is usually followed by a reflective pause…

I love my job even more with every year that passes. There is not an office in the world that is more beautiful than mine, and I relay that in the most humble, appreciative way. Over the last decade the people that I have had the privilege to guide unrelentingly amaze me. I have guided clients from every walk of life and every continent on this beautiful blue marble. I have seen people cry with joy and giggle uncontrollably with happiness. Some clients have turned into lifelong friends, some have turned into colleagues, and some have found a greater appreciation for the sport and the rivers that we have a chance to wade through.

In the last decade I have seen, and been a part of many wonderful experiences. I’ve been lucky enough to watch people catch their first fish, catch their first wild steelhead, and catch their first rock. The rocks don’t fight hard, but man do they put a bend in a rod! I have performed weddings, salvaged sinking boats, and seen bighorn sheep stand tall on rock ledges, just like on the national geographic channel. I have taken clients children on their first fishing trip, and taken my own children on their first fishing trip.

The rivers and streams that we fish and guide have changed and I’m no different. I have changed from being described as so excited to catch fish that I would “giggle like a school girl” into being just as, or more excited about watch others catching fish. Don’t get me wrong, I still really love to catch fish! My clients have taught me as much or more as I have been able to teach them. I have learned valuable lessons, and taught some valuable lessons.

We talk about the experience of the guided trip, and words cannot convey the “real” meaning of the experience that we provide. I love instructing and having fun with those clients that are ready to have an experience that will change the way that they think about the fish, our sport, and the outdoors. I just hope that you too will be ready to let loose and start “giggling like a school girl!”

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