Born in the Bay Area of Northern California, under the roof of one Fly and Field Guide Services Manager Griff Marshall, I was exposed to fly fishing early on along the banks of the McCloud River and other Sierra streams. I have vague memories of playing fish as a toddler after Pops would hook up and generously let me screw it up for him. Despite the early introduction and my obsessed father, I struggled to get into the sport of fishing as a youngster because of my love for the game of basketball. Hoops consumed my life up until graduating high school in 2012. It was then that we boxed up our crib in the Bay Area and set sail north for this lovely town of Bend we now call home.

Our first trips to Bend were littered with excursions out to the Fall, Crooked, and Deschutes rivers and it became obvious that this wasn’t a bad place at all to be a fly bum. The variety of angling opportunities, the scenery, and the wild fish of the area quickly turned me into a full-fledged addict and there has been no looking back. Images of Browns following streamers, Redbands lighting up Chubby Chernobyls, and small stream Native Trout swirling around Adams have consumed my absent-minded thoughts and dreams. These same images have convinced me to commit copious amounts of time towards learning the way of the angler and have brought me to where I am today.

I have spent the last seven years in the beautiful state of Oregon exploring as much of Central Oregon’s and the Willamette Valley’s fisheries as physically possible. I have been lucky enough to experience the famous and the secretive, the whitewater and the still water, and some of the largest and smallest bodies of water to fly fish here in Oregon. Road trips through Northern California, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana have also allowed me to experience a vast array of fly fishing destinations and all of this has fueled my passion to continue learning and sharing knowledge among the fly fishing community here in Bend. I feel lucky to be a part of the family here at Fly and Field and hope to prove as a valuable member of this like-minded, fishy team.


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