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The Grindstone Lakes

Grindstone Lake Fly Fishing

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Here at Fly and Field Outfitters we are very proud to hold the fishing rights lease to Grindstone Lakes on the GI Ranch. The Grindstone Lakes offers amazing Oregon fly fishing within a few hours of our fly shop. Generations of anglers and their families have created memories at this magnificent place. Now it’s your turn!

If you are looking for a Private Fly-Fishing Ranch in Central Oregon, look no further! Located 100 miles east of Bend, The Grindstone Lakes is not your typical Private Lake Fly-Fishing destination. To begin with, it’s in the middle of one of Oregon’s largest private ranches, The GI. Once off the paved highway, you venture an hour into the wilderness, into country seen only by you. It’s on these well-maintained dirt roads, as you scan 360 degrees, that the remoteness and beauty really sink in. Your senses are heightened and you realize that something very special awaits. Around every corner you might see herds of Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Antelope, wranglers moving hundreds of head of cattle. Then you enter Grindstone Lakes. This is what Private Lake Fly Fishing is all about.

Out at Grindstone Lakes you will find five lakes that range from 20-70 acres. The lakes are large and old and have a range of aquatic terrain. Each has rich insect life. And they all have giant trout! The fish are powerful rainbows ranging from 2 to over 10lbs. So when you hook one, hold on. Every angler could easily catch and release a dozen or more proper trophies, not that anyone is counting!

Grindstone Lakes is the perfect escape for a group outing, whether it’s family, friends, business associates or all of the above! There is comfortable housing for up to 18 people, a commercial kitchen, everything to make you feel at home. And there’s more than enough space to allow that special sense of exploration and discovery. It is a place for all of us to play as children!
The cabin at Grindstone Lakes is a special place. Set overlooking endless acres, a picturesque old barn and Sherman Lake, the cabin will take you in and make you feel right at home. From the comfortable sleeping quarters to the relaxed living room to the enclosed porch where you’ll eat, every aspect of the cabin is just as it should be. And don’t forget to step outside at night to see the most star-filled sky you’ve ever witnessed.

The Grindstone Lakes is, simply put, an epic place. Epic in its remoteness, its beauty, its fish, and its memories.To get an insider’s view on The Grindstone Lakes, learn from the pros by booking a guided Grindstone Lakes fishing trip or check out the latest Grindstone Lakes fishing reports. You can also give us a call at 1-866-800-2812, or email us at

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Fly Chart

The Grindstone Lakes

Long Horned Caddis

LaFontine Cased Caddis Larva 8-16 Afternoon/
Herl Nypmp 8-16 Afternoon/
Beadhead Rock Roller Larva 8-16 Afternoon/
Sparkle Pupa 10-16 Afternoon/
Soft Hackle Pupa 10-16 Afternoon/
Sedge Pupa 10-16 Afternoon/
Elk Hair Caddis 10-16 Afternoon/
Goddard Caddis 10-16 Afternoon/
Diving Caddis 10-16 Afternoon/


Pheasant Tail Nymph 12-16 Afternoon
Poxyback Callibaetis Nymph 12-16 Afternoon
Trigger Nymph Callibaetis 12-16 Afternoon
Pablo's Cripple Callibaetis 12-16 Afternoon
Hackle Stacker Callibaetis 12-16 Afternoon
Thorax Callibaetis 12-16 Afternoon


Criscross Chronimid Larva 10-14 Afternoon
Ice Cream Cone Larva 10-16 Afternoon
Chan's Chronimid Larva 10-16 Afternoon
Chan's Frostbite Chronimid Pupa 10-16 Afternoon
Redbutt Buzzer Pupa 10-16 Afternoon
Thurman's Blood Geyser Pupa 10-16 Afternoon


Marabou Damsel Nymph 8-12 Morning/
Idyl's Dainty Damsel Nymph 8-12 Morning/
Scott's Damsel Dirtty Nymph 8-12 Morning/
Paul's Horny Damsel 8-12 Morning/
Adult Damsel Olive 8-12 Morning/
Adult Damsel Blue 8-12 Morning/


Otter's Dragon Nymph 8 Morning/
Idyl's Fat Ass Dragon Nymph 8 Morning/
Sparkle Furry Dragon Nymph 6 Morning/

Traveling Sedge

Sparkle Pupa 6-12 Afternoon/
Z-wing Caddis Pupa 6-10 Afternoon/
Zug Bug Pupa 6-12 Afternoon/
Elk Hair Caddis 6-12 Afternoon/
Goddard Caddis 6-12 Afternoon/
Stimulator 6-12 Afternoon/

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