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Metolius River

The Metolius River can be an awesome place to escape to for a few hours during the winter to chase some of our finned friends! As many know, the bull trout leave Billy Chinook to chase the Kokanee during their spawn time. After the spawn finishes, the bulls will stay in the river to do the same. So, this can be a good time to find some big bull trout with throwing streamers and  other…

WIth some seasonal closures going on over the past week, keep in mind that sections the Metolius are included in that! Remember, the Met is now closed from the Headwaters to Allingham Bridge. Fishing from below Allingham Bridge and downstream is fair game! The fishing on the Metolius has been quite good! The nymphing has been great throughout the river system. We recommend fishing subsurface until the BWOs come off in the afternoon. If you…

The Fall fishing on the Metolius can be great, especially for bull trout and we are almost at that time! Even in the late summer, the bull trout fishing can pick up. When we are fishing for bull trout, our tactics are mainly fishing nice big (white) streamers on a heavy rod. We like those flies to get down fast and effectively. If you do not have any white streamers, fishing a sculpin pattern will…

The Metolius is shaping up nicely for this time of year, the river is a little high, but what can you expect, we got pounded this winter and water will be coming off the Cascades for some time. Fish however seem to be in all the likely spots, especially in pools and eddies. Many fish are coming from Golden Stone imitations as these big bugs are getting ready to hatch. Other productive Met flies are…

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