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Lower Deschutes

Share:From Warm Springs to Trout Creek, the fishing has been pretty great! We expect this to continue over the next few weeks. We are seeing more and more adult October…

Share:It is crazy to think that just about two weeks ago the canyon was filled with smoke and fires were raging around the area. Now, the fires have settled and…

Share: Yesterday on the Lower Deschutes was a classic. We had periods when we got eaten every few minutes and some when we might go an hour between. But almost…

Share:Well, as much as I miss the blue skies down in the canyon, I’ve got to say that the last couple weeks have been really, really good on the Lower…

Share:Oh, my! The Lower Deschutes, the place that seems like a ghost town these days. Very few crowds, open water, and decent fishing. However, the amount of smoke down there…

Share:Despite the traffic and the fires, the fishing on the Lower D (WS-TC) has remained decent on the fishing front. We are seeing really nice caddis and PMD/PED hatches through…

Share:The fishing on the Lower Deschutes continues to be rather challenging. However, if you are persistent, you will have some success throughout the day. The nymphing has been productive as…

Share:The proper Dog Days of Summer are finally upon us. These are long, hot, caddis-filled days on the big river. The fishing can be really tough. The fish are there…

Share:The Lower Deschutes (warm springs to trout creek) has been on FIRE! The caddis is out in swarms and are coming off nearly ALL day. Watch the banks for sipping…

Share:The warm weather we have been getting has done wonders for the caddis fishing. The fish are staging into their feeding zones for caddis. We have had a few days…

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Fly Chart

Lower Deschutes- This is river levels.

Blue-Winged Olive

Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-20 Afternoon
Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-18 Afternoon
Tailwater Tiny Olive 18-20 Afternoon
Para BWO 16-18 Afternoon
Hi Vis Para BWO 16-18 Afternoon
Spun Dun Beatis 16-18 Afternoon

Slate-Winged Olive

Olive Hare's Ear Nymph 10-14 Afternoon
Olive Pheasant Tail Nymph 10-14 Afternoon
Copper John Green Nymph 10-14 Afternoon
Olive Sparkle Dun 10-14 Afternoon
Western Green Drake 10-14 Afternoon
Olive Haze 10-14 Afternoon

Green Drake

Poxyback Green Drake Nymph 10 Afternoon
Olive Hare's Ear Nymph 10-12 Afternoon
Hunchback Green Drake Nymph 10-12 Afternoon
Green Drake Wulff 10-12 Afternoon
Trina's Carnage Drake 10-12 Afternoon

Pale Morning Dun

Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-18 Aternoon
Trina's Bubbleback Nymph 16-18 Aternoon
Copper John Nymph 16-18 Aternoon
Parachute PMD 14-16 Aternoon
Para Wulff PMD 14-16 Aternoon
High Vis Para PMD 14-16 Aternoon

Pale Evening Dun

Copper John Nymph 12-14 Evening
Hare's Ear Nymph 12-14 Evening
Pheasant Tail Nymph 12-14 Evening
Parachute Adams 12-14 Evening
Parachute PMD 12-14 Evening
Lite Cahill 12-14 Evening

Mahogany Dun

Copper John Nymph 14 Afternoon
Hare's Ear Nymph 14 Afternoon
Pheasant Tail Nymph 14 Afternoon
Compara Dun 14 Afternoon
Compara Dun Purple 14 Afternoon
Parachute Pheasant Tail 14 Afternoon

March Brown

Pheasant Tail Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Hare's Ear Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Copper John Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Purple Haze 12-14 Afternoon
Cripple 12-14 Afternoon
Parachute Adams 12-14 Afternoon

October Caddis

Anderson Bird of Prey (Pupa) 8-10 Afternoon
Super Pupa Amber 8-10 Afternoon
Stimulator Orange 8-10 Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Orange 8-10 Afternoon

Cased Caddis

Sparkle Pupa 14-20 Evening
Peeking Caddis (Pupa) 14-20 Evening
Silvey's Beadhead Pupa 14-20 Evening
X-Caddis 14-20 Evening
Outrigger Caddis 14-20 Evening
Elk Hair Caddis 14-20 Evening

Net-builder Caddis

Hair's Ear (Larva) 12-16 Morning /
Dubbed Caddis (Larva) 12-16 Morning /
Serendipy (Larva) 12-16 Morning /
Deep Sparkle Pupa 12-16 Morning /
Silvey's Beadhead Pupa 12-16 Morning /
Edible Emerger (Pupa) 12-16 Morning /
Elk Hair Caddis 12-16 Morning /
Swisher's Dancing Caddis 12-16 Evening
PT Caddis 12-16 Evening

Rock Worm Caddis

Serendipity (Larva) 14-16 Morning /
Caddis Larva 14-16 Morning /
Brassie (Larva) 14-16 Morning /
Silvey's Beadhead Pupa 14-16 Morning /
Edible Emerger (Pupa) 14-16 Afternoon /
Sparkle Pupa 14-16 Afternoon /
Elk Hair Caddis 14-16 Afternoon /
X-Caddis 14-16 Afternoon /
Outrigger Caddis 14-16 Afternoon /


Lex's Improved RL Stone Black (Nymph) 4-6 Morning /
Tung Trout Retriever Black (Nymph) 4-6 Morning /
Kauffman's Stone Black (Nymph) 4-6 Morning /
Rouge Foam Orange 4-6 Afternoon /
Stimulator Orange 4-6 Afternoon /
Clark's Stonefly 6 Afternoon /

Golden Stonefly

Lex's Improved RL Stonefly (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Rubber Legs Golden (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Kauffman's Stonefly (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Golden (Nymph) 6-10 Morning /
Norm Wood's Special 6-8 Afternoon /
Chubby Chernobyl Golden 8-10 Afternoon /
Stimulator Golden 6-10 Afternoon /

Yellow Sally Stonefly

Kyle's Little Yellow Sally (Nymph) 12-14 Afternoon /
Pyscho Prince (Nymph) 12-14 Afternoon /
Little Yellow Solan (Nymph) 12-14 Afternoon /
Slow Water Sally 14 Afternoon /
Yellow Stimulaor 12-14 Afternoon /
Trina's Para Sally 12-14 Afternoon /

Winter Black Stonefly

Prince Nymph 14-16 Afternoon
Dark Lord (Nymph) 14-16 Afternoon
Trina's Copper Micro Stone Black (Nymph) 14-16 Afternoon
Black Parachute 14-16 Afternoon
Stimulator Black 14-16 Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Black 14-16 Afternoon

Skwalla Stonefly

Speckled Girdle Bug Brown (Nymph) 8-10 Afternoon
Kauffman's Stone Brown (Nymph) 8-10 Afternoon
Biot Stone Brown (Nymph) 8-10 Afternoon
Stimulator Brown 8-10 Afternoon
Bullethead Skwalla 8-10 Afternoon
Trin'a Carnage Stone Skwalla 8-10 Afternoon


Silvey's Cranefly Larva 14 Afternoon
Serendipity (Larva) 14 Afternoon
Cranefly Larva 12 Afternoon
Idyl's Parachute Cranefly 12-14 Afternoon
Silvey's Cranefit 16 Afternoon
Parachute PMD 12-14 Afternoon


Tung Zebra Midge (Pupa) 18-22 All Day
Serendipity (Pupa) 18-22 All Day
Rainbow Warrior (Pupa) 18-22 All Day
Griffith's Gnat 18-22 All Day
Renegade 18-22 All Day
Winker's Midge 18-22 All Day

River Levels

Lower Deschutes


Deschutes/Madras7 day30 day120 Day3.0545308:00 pm
Deschutes/Moody7 day30 day120 Day3.1960907:45 pm
Shitike Creek/Warm Springs7 day30 day120 Day4.551347:45 pm
Warm Springs/Kahneeta7 day30 day120 Day2.126017:45 pm

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