Lava Lakes

Both Lava Lakes in the fall can rip! Stripped Buggers can produce epic days out there. Use intermediate and slow sinking lines with various leech and bugger patterns. Fish should start cruising in the shallower water looking for opportunities to feed. We have an awesome selection of bugger and leech patterns here at the shop.

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Lava Report

Lava lakes continue to fish excellent. Strong hatches of callibaetis are making for some fun dry fly action. Chironomids and buggers will also bring out some positive results. Patterns to have are: Parachute adams, black ant, birds nest, extended body callibaetis, crystal bugger, ice cream cone, hale bopp leech, and red lightning bug.

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Hot like Lava

Lava Lakes have been fishing great right now. Callibaetis hatches have been coming off strong. Slowly stripped in buggers, callibaetis nymphs, and damsels using intermediate sinking lines is a great method. Keep an eye on the weather this week up behind Mt. Bachelor. There has been some snow fall already this week. Classic Bend in …

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Lava Lakes Fishing Report

Lava Lakes are fishing great right now. Stripping various buggers and leech patterns has been effective. Intermediate or full sinking lines is the way to go for retrieving buggers at lava lakes. Callibaetis should be showing soon. Make sure to have both the nymphs and adults. Chironomids can be another effective alternative too. Patterns to …

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Lava Lakes fishing Great!

Lava Lakes are off to a good start! Olive and black buggers stripped in the shallows on an intermediate sinking line is producing. Lava and Little Lava lakes have phenomenal structure including deep points and rocky outcroppings. Fish will be concentrated in the shallows in the depth range of 8 to 20 feet. This is …

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Lava Lakes

Late in the season at Lava can be a quiet and fantastic time to fish. Early and Late in the season are the best time to strip buggers on sinking and intermediate sinking lines. Little beadhead nymphs trailed behind a bugger is not a bad option as well. Fish should be concentrated a little closer …

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Lava Lakes

   Both Lava Lakes can be one of the better options during the fall. Buggers and Chironomids have been the most productive. Intermediate and sinking lines with a leech imitations can be deadly. Look for points and depth changes to fish. Some good patterns are: Olv/blk Crystal Buggers, Hale Bopp Leech, Baby Buggers, Pheasant Tail, …

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