Crane Prairie Update

Crane was good last week. Water temps cooled with the cold front. Slowed the damsels.  Big cali hatch in the mid morning. Red PT and assassin under indicator set  about half way to the bottom. Midges in the morning. #16 and 18 black and red zebra.

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Crane Prairie Update

Fishing on Crane continues to be good! We are having good success with fishing leeches/buggers under an intermediate line. If you see fish cruising, fishing a dry dropper can be deadly. We are fishing a size 12-14 adams with a size 18-20 midge dropper. Fishing black, red, or purple midges are our go to midges at …

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Crane Prairie

We were able to hop on Crane Prairie for a quick fish this morning. It was a slow start this today but as the day got warmer, the fish began to turn on. Fish were actively feeding on top around 10:10 am. The fish remained active until around 11:30 am. They appeared to be sipping on small …

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Crane Prairie Reservoir

Crane has been fishing well, especially the Deschutes channel. Stripping small Leeches on intermediate lines have been producing some nice fish as well as Chironomids under indicators. Black and red are doing the trick. There is also an epic Midge hatch occurring as well. Swarms of these little black bugs have a way to get …

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Crane Prairie Reservoir:

The lake is ice free but accessibility is limited still due to snow. You can find access on the resort side of the lake off of the 42 road, just south of Sun River. Fishing conditions should improve with warmer weather as fish are usually scattered this time of year due to colder water conditions, …

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Crane Prairie Opener Report

  Crane early in the season is a little bit of a scavenger hunt for finding the fish. Almost fully filled, the fish remain scattered and not in the river channels like they are later in summer where the water is coolest. However, fishing can still be decent early in the season. Using various small …

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The lakes got worked pretty good by weather on Saturday but Sunday sounds like it made up for the it. From Twin to Lava to Wickiup to Crane we’ve heard of good fishing for scrappy, healthy fish. Many techniques proved successful. But the standard Buggers and Leeches and Chironomids under bobbers seemed to have been …


Crane Prairie Report

Crane Prairie closes next friday Oct 31st. Fall can be hit or miss out at crane. Sub-surface tactics is your best bet. Strip leech and bugger patterns on intermediate sinking lines. Good patterns to have are: Crystal Buggers, Ruby-Eyed Leech, GB Bouface, Improved Hale Bopp, and Twin Lake Special.

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