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Guide Chronicles: Fly and Field Crew Goes Fishing!

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Team building is essential to the effectiveness of any team. At Fly and Field, we try to set at least two weekends aside per year to do team building our way. A trip in the spring before the season gets going and one at the tail end to celebrate the end of the season and blow off some steam. Both trips are vital to the team and something we all look forward to each year! We hit the jackpot this fall and was able to get most of the crew out with us with a few exceptions of folks that were missed. The weather was great, the fish were swimming, the beer was flowing, and Dave maintained his washers champion status with his faithful partner, Kevin.
Take a look at some of the photos from over the weekend!


Two hands are better than one! Sage One and Lamson Guru make a killer combo.

Kevin picking out the right head from his trusty head wallet.

Dave taking advantage of his Dad’s old weapon collection. Showing us how it is done!

Andrew and Mitchell taking the Steelhead Taxi down to the river.

Kyle doing one of his all-time faves, puttin’ rounds down range.

Griff checking out the new, fresh tying material.

Andrew and Danny celebrating Andrew’s steelie, just a few hours into the trip. Actually, you are looking at the three dudes who put fish in their hands over the weekend.

Here is a shot of Andrews fish! Some of the crew had their money on Andrew catching the first fish of the trip. He didn’t let those folks down!

It turns out the Scott is a pretty good at shuttling his crew all around the river. Thanks for sacrificing your fishing time!


Dave loading up his black powder rifle, .58 caliber. That rifle packs a nice little punch!

Captain Eric preparing for takeoff down Steelhead Alley!
Danny tying up the goods!

Danny’s fresh goods turned out to be the right medicine! He was able to stick a stray hatchery fish. He brought it back for the crew, it was great!

A nice, well-collected guide quiver.

Griff putting his hands on the .22!

Andrew setting up his cast! Getting the Winston BIII TH fully corked!

Its a rarity to see Scott in his waders! Always good kicking it around the river with the boss man.

The boys with their fish! Way to go Andrew and Danny!

Arguably one of the most important parts of any “camp” trip, the food. Griff and Allison whipping up the tasty treats. We ate like kings and queens!

Cheers folks! Thanks again for letting us close the shop for a few days and hang out on the river. It was much needed for the whole crew to get out of town and spend some time together.

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