The crystal clear water and high cascade atmosphere of the Upper Deshutes has made for some great fishing throughout the early months of the summer here in Central Oregon. This stretch of river in between Little Lava Lake and Crane Prairie Res is known for its resident Brookie population along with some Rainbows as well. Fishing has been best in the morning time with indicator nymph techniques working best. Copper Johns and Zebra Midges have been the staple here in the size 16-20 range. There is also nothing wrong with throwing some small streamers or buggers around the plentiful dead fall that contributes to the structure and habitat those bigger Brook Trout seem to love. In the afternoon time there has been some sparse but effective dry fly action with Rainbows and Brooks coming up for PMD imitations in the riffle water dumping into some of the deeper buckets up there. Its always worth a shot drifting some attractor dries or even a dry dropper set up through the choppier water with intermediate depth where those fish feel more comfortable coming up for a well presented fly. Drop into the shop here for more intel on whats going on up there and take advantage of the opportunity to see a Brookie on the Upper Deshutes!

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