We are two days into the opening of the Upper Deschutes this year! Sadly, it seems like the fishing is still a little slow. We were able to get into some fish after spending some time hoofing it. It appears the fish in the stretch below Crane have not made it up there. If they have, they are being rather finicky. We were able to get into some fish swinging streamers under structure and under the bobber using zebra midges, pheasant tails, rainbow warriors and anatomays.

Fishing from Cow Meadow down to Crane has been slower than usual as well. We speculate that fish may not push out of the lake quite yet due to cold enough water temps in Crane. However, there are some fish hanging out in there. We were able to tease some brookies into eating copper johns (red/copper), purple stonefly nymph, golden stone nymph, purple and red midges, and terrestrial dries. There are TONS of ants flying around up there!  This is a good time to get your goldens and green drakes ready for the Upper D.

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