This time of year on Hosmer Lake can be magical at moment. With crystal clear water, it is akin to fishing an aquarium sometimes. Traveling sedges in the evening provide plenty of opportunity for some top water action. The Goddard’s Caddis and basic Elk Hair Caddis are  effective patterns to bring along with you for the evening when the hatch is on. During the day the fish will be holding deeper and often along the weed beds where food is plentiful. Damsel nymphs on an intermediate line are the key here as well as woolly buggers in olive, black, purple, and white. Along with the midday bugs, the “plastic hatch” of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards can make fishing interesting so we would recommend venturing out in the early morning or later in the evening when the paddlers have gone home.

Between the excitement of the traveling sedges, damesels and callibaetis coupled with the aquarium like water, Hosmer is a great place for a summertime extravaganza or simply a relaxing evening paddle.

Tight Lines!

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