As many of you have probably heard, Cascade Lakes Highway opened last week from the south gate allowing access to both Little Lava and Hosmer Lakes. Early reports have good fishing for really active fish in both. Early season stillwater fishing can be tricky business. From day to day fish will either be keyed in on one small zone of the lake or spread out and “chasing” food. A good idea is to be nimble with a rod set up for either chironomid or dry/dropper and another with an intermediate line and leech pattern. You’re not likely to see a lot of surface activity, so explore and experiment. Either way, a day spent sitting on a lake staring up at snow-capped Mt Bachelor is better than most. Stop by the shop for your early season stillwater bugs.

Fall River Flat 1 re-sizeNot much new news from the Fall River. Recent reports have a few fish being found both around the Hatchery and the Tubes. The BWO hatch is coming off daily; just a matter of finding fish to eat ‘em. ODFW is planning on upping the number of fish planted in the Fall River this season beginning the week of April 13. With any luck these fish will “stick” and by the summer we’ll have a good population of residents. In the meantime the Fall is always a wonderful place for a walk while wielding a fly rod. Find a rising fish and stick with him! Empty the dry fly box trying to get him to eat, and then throw a big Crystal Flash bugger before heading home!!! It’s actually way more fun than it sounds!


The Metolius is fishing well with a mixture of little stoneflies and BWO still coming off. As we all know, the Met is perhaps the most beautiful river any of us have ever seen, and fishes just as difficult as she is pretty! Find fishy looking water and work it hard. Combinations are everything on the Met. No split shot is allowed so going armed with some heavy nymphs is required. The Double Bead Stonefly we have is a great choice. Then have a nice selection of attractor nymphs handy. Everything from Copper Johns to Prince Nymphs to Anato-Mays will work. And never discount a Fox Pupae or October Caddis nymph.

Crooked River Re-size003

The Crooked continues its winter-flow ways serving up hatches of midge and mayfly daily. The midge action is good from 8-10am. Work little Griffith’s Gnats either on or just below the surface. A two-fly rig can be useful. One fly you can see and then the little Gnat. The nymphing is good until the BWO hatch around noon or one. The hatch’s intensity will depend on how much cloud cover we have. The cloudier the better! A well-presented parachute Adams or Purple Haze #20 should do the trick. Sparkle Duns are also consistent performers. And don’t forget to try a dropper off the dry. The little Soft Hackles have worked really well. Please stop by to get the latest intel and bugs.

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