Most of us know that fishing at Sheeps Bridge and on Wickiup this time of year can produce large, healthy rainbows and brown trout. With trout following the kokanee spawn, fly fishing tactics can become rather rudimentary, fishing with beads, eggs, san juan worms, etc.  This is a great time to go out and chase some big fish and have some fun. Please keep in mind when you are out there to respect other anglers, respect the fish, and make sure not to crush the Kokanee beds as you sneak across it.

I had a discussion with a Deschutes County Sheriff and Wildlife Law Enforcement guy that both mentioned they think the number of kokanee and brown trout are down this year. Granted, these guys are not scientists but they patrol the lake and talk to anglers on a regular basis so they have a pretty great understanding of what is going on around there. More and more, we see folks stepping right into peoples water when they are fighting a fish. Please, please be respectful of other anglers areas. Do not be the guy (or gal) that sees someone hooking up so you go and low hole or push them out of their water.

There are PLENTY of fish in the reservoir. Beat feet for a little bit and find some new water out there. It is a big reservoir, with fish everywhere.

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