As with other area fisheries, access is the issue for fishing the Fall right now. Parking may be very limited or non-existent with all of the snow we’ve received in the past week. For those who do make it to the river expect to find fish grouped up and looking for small Midge and Mayfly nymphs. We may see some decent BWO hatches on the right days but with the cold weather nymphing will likely be the best approach in the coming days. There are plenty of big fish around and they’ll chase a streamer when they’re in the right mood.

Suggested Dries: Hackle Stacker BWO #18-22, Purple Haze #18-22, Sparkle Dun BWO #18-22, Parachute BWO #18-20, Tilt Wing BWO #18-20, Olive Haze #18-20, Olive or Black Elk Hair Caddis #14-16

Suggested Nymphs: Red or Black Winker’s Midge #18-22, Red or Black Zebra Midge #18-22, Olive Micro Mayfly #18-20, Olive or Black Tailwater Tiny #18-22, Flashback PT #16-20, Red or Black Two Bit Hooker #16-20, Hare’s Ear #16-20, Black Rainbow Warrior #18-20, Olive Anato-May #16-20, Tan Ray Charles #16-18

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