Oh, the mighty Metolius. As everyone knows, if you have ever been to this river, whether for fishing or just recreation, the Met has something magical about it. The beautiful aqua blue water is captivating in and among its self and just walking the banks is an escape. Although fishing at times can be tough, this tranquil setting is what keeps people returning again and again.

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The Metolius is a very consistent water system for the Central Oregon area and supplies good year round fishing opportunities. Currently conditions on the Metolius look good, while many of the migratory bull trout have returned to Billy Chinook they can still be found, but a focus towards trout may lead to more success. For nymph rigs before and after surface hatches I would use golden stones, pheasant tails and even different types of midge patters. Expected hatches for this time of year include Cinygmula mayflies as well as BWO’s. Flies to try on the surface during hatches include cream or yellow sparkle duns around size 16. For the BWO’s try throwing different Baetis, or Baetis cripple patters in sizes 18-20. As a reminder the portion above Allingham bridge remains closed until May 22.

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